Tchia: Where to Find Pearls

How shiny.

In Tchia, players are introduced to the concept of Coutume, a native New Caledonian tradition better known in the West as an offering or gift. One of the first things players will need to find is Pearls, a rare item in the game. 

In Tchia, players will have to find various items to provide gifts to key characters in the game. One of the first offerings you’ll need to collect are 3 Pearls for the Coutume with the Hunahmi Chief. If you’re struggling with where to find them, we’ve got your answer. 

Where to Find Pearls in Tchia

Pearls can be found in Clams under the ocean and appear shiny when Tchia dives underwater. Specifically, pearls can be found around Coral Reefs, which will have colorful coral peeking above the water’s surface. Dive down under the water near the Reef and look around for any shiny items under the water’s surface. Swim up to the shiny clams, then interact with them to extract the pearl. 

Pearls are pretty rare, so you may have to swim deeper into the ocean to find them. If you’re looking for Pearls specifically for the Hunahmi’s Chief quest, exit the village and head towards the ocean to the south. To the south, you’ll find a dock and Coral Reef with pearls just south of the island of Dopwa.   

Tchia: Pearls for Hunahmi's Chief

Once you’ve collected all 3 pearls, you can head back to the Hunahmi’s Chief to continue through the story. 

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