Tchia: All Trophy Guide

If you’re a completionist that wants to get all the trophies across New Caledonia in the adventure game Tchia, you’ve come to the right place. 

In Tchia, there are a total of 22 trophies players can obtain throughout the world. If you’re trying to get 100% completion on the game, see our list below for all the trophies in the game and how to get them.

All Trophies in Tchia

Here is a complete list of all obtainable trophies in Tchia:

Challenge TypeTrophy TypeTrophy Description
New CaledonianPlatinumCollect all Trophies
Live WireGoldUpgrade your Stamina to 120
Body and SoulGoldUpgrade your Soul-Meter to 10 slots
ThingGoldFind and Soul-Jump into Pwi Dua’s hand
HistorianGoldFind and open all the Treasure Chests
Fashion VictimGoldUnlock every cosmetic item for Tchia and Boat
LiberatorGoldClear all the Soldier Camps
Ça de Wizz!GoldReach 100% Game Completion
Happy CamperSilverDiscover all the Campfires
Globe TrotterSilverDiscover all the Docks
Arrr!SilverWear the complete Pirate outfit and boat style
Snip SnipSilverWear the complete Crab outfit
ShredderSilverScore 100% in any Music Sequence
Energy SaverSilverBurn 3 enemies at once with a single object or explosion
The Journey OnwardsSilverReach the Endgame
AudiophileSilverUnlock every Soul-Melody
IconoclastSilverDestroy every Meavora Statue
Ahem AhemSilverShout from every Point Of View
Fashion Faux-PasBronzeWear the Umbrella Hat
In a PinchBronzeWin something in a Claw Machine
Clay PigeonBronzeShoot down a flying bird with the Slingshot
Soul-CannonBronzeSoul-Jump into an object right after Soul-Throwing it

And there you have it! What trophy is giving you the most issues in the game? Let us know in the comments section below, and we may create a dedicated guide for it. 

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