Tchia: How to Sail a Boat

Tchia is a wonderful adventure game set on the remote but beautiful island of New Caledonia. If you’re having trouble getting your sailboat started, no worries — this guide will help. 

In Tchia, you’ll need to get around all of the different islands of New Caledonia. Using your boat to get from place to place will save a ton of time and let you get across the ocean. If you’re clueless about how to get the boat to start, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Here’s how to sail your boat in Tchia. 

How to Sail Boat in Tchia

The boat in Tchia has three main controls players can interact with, the boat’s sail, anchor, and paddle. To sail your boat in Tchia, interact with the sail to raise it, then interact with the paddles to steer it.

Boat Controls Tchia

The sail controls the boat’s speed, while the paddles control the steering. When you’re stopped, you can interact with the anchor to lower it, so your ship doesn’t float away. 

How to Spawn Boat in Tchia

Players can spawn their boat at any dock in the game. Docks are designated on the map with an anchor icon. Talk to the vendor at the dock, then select Spawn Boat. After spawning your boat, you can customize its appearance by selecting Customize. 

Dock in Tchia

Players can change the look of their boat in the following ways: 

  • Boat Sail
  • Boat Flag
  • Boat Floaters
  • Boat Wood
  • Boat Carpet

Now that you know how to sail your boat in Tchia, you’ll be able to move around much faster. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like your boat can take damage, so don’t worry so much about crashing it. 

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