Terra Nil: How to Grow Sunflowers

If you’re stuck on the Continental map in Terra Nil and can’t figure out how to grow sunflowers from the Heliocage, this guide will walk you through the entire process. 

Sunflowers are a type of plant life players must build to complete certain biomes in Terra Nil. They require nuclear materials on the map, which can be uncovered by initiating an earthquake. If you’re stuck on the part of this game, no worries — we’ll explain everything below. 

How to Grow Sunflowers in Terra Nil

To grow Sunflowers, players must construct a Heliocage over nuclear materials. These materials will be uncovered on a map naturally, or an earthquake will have to occur to uncover them. 

Nuclear Materials Terra Nil

To clear the area so you can construct the Heliocage, players will need to build Radiation Cleaners around the nuclear materials. Slowly edge your way into the nuclear fallout cloud until you can create the Heliocage. 

Radiation Cleansers Terra Nill

How to Initiate Earthquake to Uncover Radioactive Materials

Players need to destabilize the earth in the region they are playing in to initiate an earthquake. To do so, The Geological Stability meter in the top right of the screen must reach 0%. Build Undersea Dredgers to dig up the earth and place it on the water’s surface to reduce this percentage. 

Soil Stability Terra Nil

Once you’ve cleaned enough of the land and water, trembling will start to occur. Wait for a bit, and a larger earthquake will happen, uncovering the nuclear materials required to build Sunflowers. 

And there you have it! Now you fully understand how to grow Sunflowers in Terra Nil. It requires several steps, so if you were unsure at first, you’re probably not alone. 

Some maps will naturally have nuclear fallout from the start, so an earthquake isn’t necessary. However — on maps where you need to grow them, you’ll need to find the fallout somewhere. 

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