Terra Nil: All Animal Locations List

An important aspect of Terra Nil is finding the different animals in each of the planet’s biomes. However, finding them isn’t always easy, as the in-game text doesn’t always reveal what conditions players need to meet. That’s exactly why we’ve created this handy guide you can use to find all animal locations in the game.

Below is a full list of animals in Terra Nil, along with their descriptions and the requirements to get them. Players must satisfy the conditions marked in the Requirements column in the table below to locate animals when scanning for them. 

Terra Nil: All Animal Locations List

Animal NameBiomeDescriptionRequirements
BeaverTemperateThis industrious rodent builds its home on a river near a forest.20 River tiles, 20 Forest tiles
Brown BearTemperateThis large caniform’s domain is a forest containing a beehive on a hill.20 Forest tiles, On a hill of at least 20 tiles, Beehive
DeerTemperateThis grazer lives in herds on wide open grassland20 Greenery tiles
FrogTemperateThis small amphibian lives in the reeds of a wetland near a fynbos field.10 Wetland tiles, 5 Fynbos tiles
GooseTemperateThis web-footed waterfowl rests in a large lake when it’s not flying.A lake
Timber WolfTemperateThis predator prowls in a forest near a source of prey.15 Forest tiles, Deer
FlamingoTropicalThe wader combs for food among the sand of beaches and the mud of wetlands.10 Beach tiles, 10 Wetland tiles
Manta RayTropicalThis unusually shaped creature glides in the ocean near river estuaries and coral reefs.8 Ocean tiles, 6 Coral Reef tiles, 3 River tiles
ParrotTropicalThis colorful bird makes its home in lush forest canopies beneath clear skies.20 Tropical Forest tiles, No buildings
Reef SharkTropicalThis aquatic predator lives in both dense coral and in the waters of mangrove forests.16 Coral Reef tiles, 4 Mangrove tiles, 20°C or higher temperature
TortoiseTropicalThis beach-dwelling reptile lives on an island where it can retreat into its shell.10 Beach tiles, Small island
WhaleTropicalThis large pelagic mammal swims in the deep waters of the ocean, far from land.20 Ocean tiles, 10 Deep Ocean tiles, No land
Arctic FoxPolarThis vulpine predator is camouflaged in the snow and prowls the tundra plains.10 Snow tiles, 10 Tundra tiles
ElkPolarThis herbivore searches beneath the snow for edible lichen and plants.6 Lichen tiles, 20 Snow tiles
NarwhalPolarThis tusk-bearing whale swims in cold ocean waters an under the ice.20 Ocean tiles, 4 Ice Sheet tiles, -10°C or lower
PenguinPolarFrom its home on the ice, this flightless bird takes to the ocean in its search for fish.16 Ice Sheet tiles, 10 Ocean tiles
Polar BearPolarThis large predator wanders its snowy territory next to the ocean, near a source of prey.16 Snow tiles, 6 Ocean tiles, Elk
Snowy OwlPolarThis strigiform roosts in boreal forests and soars over the open tundra.10 Forest tiles, Tundra
BoarContinentalThis widespread suiform roots for tubers in the undergrowth of a deciduous forest.8 Greenery tiles, 12 Deciduous Forest tiles
EagleContinentalThis fierce raptor makes its eyrie in a tall structure, near to a source of prey.6 Derelict Skyscraper tiles, Boar
PandaContinentalThis gentle giant happily gnaws bamboo near a glade.20 Bamboo tiles, 6 Greenery tiles
PeacockContinentalThis resplendent fowl struts on wide-open grasslands.24 Greenery tiles
Sea OtterContinentalThis endangered marine mammal darts among the fronds of a kelp forest.12 Ocean tiles, 12 Kelp Forest tiles
TurtleContinentalThis shell-bearing reptile frolics in a large lagoon.20 Lagoon tiles

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And there you have it! That’s where you can find all animals in the game. Sometimes, you’ll need to adjust the ecosystem to accommodate the animals to spawn. If the scan doesn’t work at first, try scanning right next to your original scan to see if that changes anything. Again, each one of these conditions must be fully met for you to locate the animal. 

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