Terraria Labor of Love Secret World Seeds (Update 1.4.4)

These are the three new Secret World Seeds available in the Terraria Labor of Love update.

The Terraria Labor of Love update was released on September 28, and players have three new Secret World Seeds to explore. If you want to start a new game on a fresh seed, these seeds will shake things up. Below is a full list of Terraria Labor of Love Secret World Seeds and a brief rundown on what they change in the game.

Terraria Labor of Love Secret World Seeds

These are the Secret World Seeds added in Terraria Labor of Love:

  • dontdigup
  • notraps
  • getfixedboi

Terraria Remix Seed

The upside-down seed, accessible by entering dontdigup as the Seed name, has players spawning in the center of the Underworld. The Glowing Mushroom biome is directly overhead, and the biomes are layered differently than usual. On the surface, which is permanently dark, you’ll find it covered by The Corruption or The Crimson, depending on RNG.

Some things to note about this seed are that the Underworld now contains Ash Trees, and players can find Fallen Stars by breaking pots and sometimes carried by Slimes. Also, if you go too far to the top of the map, you’ll die. The first NPC you’ll encounter is the Tax Collector.

Terraria No Traps Seed

The Terraria No Traps Seed is accessible by entering notraps as the Seed name. Despite the misleading name, you’ll find extra traps in this seed world. The “Placing Traps” message is also replaced with “Not Placing Traps.”

Terraria Everything Seed (Zenith Seed)

Terraria’s “Everything” Seed is a combination of no traps, not the bees, drunk, celebration mk10, don’t starve, remix, and for the worthy Secret World Seeds. Players can access the Terraria Zenith Seed by entering getfixedboi as the Seed name. 

Like the Remix seed, players spawn in the Underworld. However, the Glowing Mushroom biome overhead is rainbow-colored. At the start, you’ll see the Tax Collector, Steampunker, Princess, Party Girl, and Dive Slime start a party. At the beginning of the first night, they will all instantly die.

Some monsters are larger, larvae spawn all over the place, both world evils are present, and hearts and stars are replaced with Christmas and Halloween event items. All bosses drop treasure bags, and players also have an extra accessory slot. There’s also a hunger system, and staying in the dark will kill you–two elements taken from the Constant Seed.

You can also craft the Ocram’s Razor item in the Everything Worlds seed, allowing players to spawn the Mechdusa boss.

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