The Day Before Drops Trailer, Releases November 10

The Day Before development saga hits another milestone with an official trailer and “set” release date. 

There aren’t many other video game titles that can say they’ve accumulated as much controversy as the upcoming survival MMO being developed by Fntastic, The Day Before. From allegedly pre-rendered “gameplay” videos to trademark disputes leading to the de-listing of the game on Steam, The Day Before’s pre-launch plans have not gone as planned. 

Speaking with WellPlayed, the Fntastic team touched on the recent trademark dispute: 

We want to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon. We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists.

Currently, our primary focus remains on the development of the game itself. Trademark-related matters are being managed by our newly-formed New Zealand joint venture with our publisher Mytona, aptly named MytonaFntastic.

In addition to the November 10, 2023, release date for the game, the developers also launched a short 36-second long trailer showing off a pre-rendered video of a metropolis and a survivor driving through the decimated surroundings in a sleek sports car. 

While the trailer itself probably creates more questions than were answered in the Fntastic interview (like, can we actually drive cars? What’s the point of this trailer?), the devs did try to outline more details about the actual gameplay in the upcoming title. According to Fntastic: 

The Day Before is an open-world, post-apocalyptic sandbox. Here, players will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this new world, exploring a huge skyscraper city called New Fortune City, purchasing houses and vehicles, and creating unique, personal narratives along the way. While our game predominantly leans towards player-versus-player engagements, we will also incorporate quests centered around the restoration of society. In The Day Before, the fate of humanity truly rests in your hands.

The devs go on to state:

We cannot provide specifics regarding player population per server at this stage as we are currently in the testing phase. We are committed to striking the perfect balance between a dynamic, populated world and optimal gameplay performance.

Our primary aim is to provide the most thrilling survival experience of the year to a wide array of player preferences and playstyles.

Though this version of the game sounds like it could be a blast, whether the team can rebuild the hype tarnished by pre-launch issues is an entirely different question. For more news updates like this one, see our news section