The Outlast Trials: How to Start the Generator

In The Outlast Trials mission, Kill the Snitch; players receive a new mission objective to start the generators in the basement. If you’re confused and can’t even find the generators — this guide was made for you. 

The Outlast Trials is a terrifying horror and puzzle game where you’ll need to use your head to continue through each level and get out alive. In the first mission, Kill the Snitch, there are several mind-bending puzzles you’ll need to figure out, and arguably the hardest one is how to start the generators in the basement. This guide will walk you through everything you need to do. 

How to Start the Generators in The Outlast Trials 

To start the generators in the game, fill them with gasoline, flip the circuit switches on both sides in the correct order, then pull the crank as the arrow hits the green area to turn them on. 

Players are granted the objective to start the generators in the basement after finding the Snitch in the cell. Gasoline will be found in canisters around the map before you get to the basement and inside of the basement as well. Carrying the gasoline will slow down your character, so keep that in mind if you pick it up. 

How to Fix Generator Circuits 

To correctly fix the circuits, flip the switches in the proper order so they all turn green. The small lightbulbs on the fusebox indicate how many chances you have to flip them before restarting. One of the switches will turn on two circuits, which will complete the task. 

Flipping Switches in The Outlast Trials
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/The Outlast Trials

It seems that each time the circuit orders are random, so you may need to experiment with a few different orders before they all turn green. 

Once both circuits are fixed, you’ll be able to go to the front of the generator and pull the crank. This minigame is similar to picking a lock or arm wrestling. Click when the arrow hits the green slice on the generator interface. 

Pulling Crank in The Outlast Trials
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/The Outlast Trials

Finding the Generators in Kill the Snitch

If you are having trouble finding the basement in the Kill the Snitch mission, we have your answer. The basement is located on the opposite end of the cell block. Make your way through the hallway where you found the snitch until you hit CRT televisions that say Power Leads to Freedom. On the left, a door for the underground parking basement will be open. 

Basement the Outlast Trials Kill the Snitch
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/The Outlast Trials

Make your way to the back of the parking garage, avoiding the psychotic enemies along the way. Once you get far enough to the back, a white diamond should appear on your screen — this is the first generator. 

And there you have it! That’s how you start generators in The Outlast Trials. If you are still having trouble, watch the video below:

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