Timberborn and Against the Storm Team Up For Discount

City-builder lovers can get both games at a bundled discount.

Timberborn and Against the Storm are offering a new bundle called the Beaver Builder Bundle on the Steam Store for a limited time. 

It’s not often that two different game developers in the same genre will team up for a discount bundle, but that’s precisely what the city-building teams of Mechanistry, creators of Timberborn, and Eremite Games, creators of Against the Storm, are doing right now. Both game developers have teamed up for the Beaver Builder Bundle, a new pack on the Steam Store that includes both games at a 10% discounted rate. 

If you’ve been waiting for either game to go on sale, now might be the best time to get them. Users can find the Beaver Builder Bundle on the Steam Store. The entire cost for both games is $40.48, for pretty modest savings. Important to note both games are also still in Early Access, though both are fairly bug free.


Timberborn is a fun city-builder where you control a society of beavers that must survive the summer drought. Players can distribute water using complex dams and mechanics and separate different city centers using districts. Currently, there are two playable races in the game, each with their own unique mechanics. 

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Against the Storm

Against the Storm is a unique take on a city-builder with some creative campaign mechanics. In the game, players take the role of a Viceroy and must reclaim the wilderness and balance out populations of different species. Like other city builders, a successful campaign includes balancing the economy, maintaining settlement happiness, and ensuring that your people survive the storm. 

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