Timberborn: How to Create Gears

Gears are a critical crafting material you’ll need to build advanced structures in Timberborn. We’ve got you covered if you’re at a loss for how to create them. 

Timberborn, the settlement simulation game where you take control of a colony of beavers, is a great game, but it doesn’t exactly hold your hand on the more complex aspects. One of the critical crafting components you can make from Wood is gears, which must be crafted at the Gear Workshop. Don’t be like me and fumble around with all the different buildings till you figure it out; follow my gears guide instead. 


How to Create Gears in Timberborn

Gears are created from the Gear Workshop structure in Timberborn. To build a Gear Workshop, select Wood, click on Gear Workshop and then place the structure and connect it to a power source. The Gear Workshop requires an active worker and planks that it can craft into gears.

Gears require the following structures: 

  • Gear Workshop
  • Lumber Mill
  • Water Wheel or Power Wheel
  • Inventor

How to Build a Gear Workshop

To build a Gear Workshop, you’ll need the following:

  • 15 logs: Obtained from cutting trees.
  • 25 Planks: Crafted at the Lumber Mill.
  • 100 Science: Researched at the Inventor.
Constructing a Gear Workshop Timberborn
Constructing a Gear Workshop

Connecting Your Gear Workshop to a Power Source

The Gear Workshop and Lumber Mill are the first two structures players will build that require power. Players can get power via the Power Wheel or Water Wheel by accessing the power menu at the bottom of their screen. Your beavers will start to convert leftover planks to gears.

Gear Workshop in Timberborn
Gear Workshop

Power Wheels require an unemployed beaver. After you construct it, a beaver will automatically start running in it to create power. 

Water Wheels require a flow of water, and the faster the water is flowing, the more power the wheel can create. Both types of Wheels can be connected together using Power Shafts to output more energy. 

Either directly connect the wheel to your Gear Workshop, or use Power Shafts under the Power Menu to connect the Wheels to your structures. 

And that’s what you need to know about creating Gears in Timberborn. It will require a few steps in order to do, but once you understand the baseline mechanics and building flows, it becomes a breeze. 

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