Timberborn: How to Get More Beavers

In Timberborn, if you want to keep up with new production, you’ll need to add more beavers to your society. However, it’s not as easy as just clicking a button. 

If you’re trying to build a true beaver metropolis in Timberborn, the settlement simulation game, then you’ll need to make sure that your society is well-fed and hydrated so that they multiply. Here’s how to get more beavers in Timberborn

There are two races of beaver in Timberborn, Folktails and Iron Teeth, and each has unique ways of reproducing. Folktails reproduce over time if happiness conditions are met. Iron Teeth have its own mechanic, which requires the construction of Breeding Pods. 

How to Get More Beavers as Folktails

To grow your beaver population as the Folktails, build enough homes to house your beavers and provide activities for them to increase their happiness. They will slowly reproduce over time if there is enough lodging. 


You can view occupied and homeless beavers in the top right of the screen under your beaver population. If there are homeless beavers, they will not reproduce. 

Home Occupation

How to Get More Beavers as Iron Teeth

Iron Teeth’s Breeding Pod mechanic enables players to breed more beavers. Iron Teeth beavers require Water x5 and Berries x5. Once the required materials are hauled to the Pods, beavers will begin to gestate in the barrels you construct. 

Breeding Pods

To stop your beaver population from exploding, make sure that you pause the pods to re-stabilize your population. 

It’s really as easy as that to increase your beaver population in Timberborn. If your beavers are not reproducing at a good rate, make sure you maintain their happiness by building entertainment structures. 

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