Total War: Warhammer 3 Patch Notes (November 22)

Smarter AI, new landmarks, and more get added for the 2.3 patch.

While smaller than the last massive patch, this month’s Total War: Warhammer 3 patch notes for November 22, 2022, add a few significant changes to the way the AI acts, updates to the overall campaign map, and a few multiplayer tweaks that should make our coop campaigns a lot more challenging. We’re glad to see that the developers of Total War: Warhammer 3, Creative Assembly, continue to make regular updates to our favorite franchise (excluding Medieval, of course).

This marks the 2.3 version of the game and works on adding new content and balancing some of the larger changes made in the 2.1 Patch.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Patch Notes (November 22)

Updates to AI

Total War fans know how underwhelming the difficulty settings are for Total War Warhammer generally. Rather than acting more intelligently, the AI’s stats are buffed, and our armies are nerfed. CA has finally answered players’ wishes by implementing different behaviors for varying AI difficulty levels. 

Higher difficulty settings will result in the AI dodging ranged attacks and spells, single-selecting high-priority targets, and acting smarter on the battlefield. 

Campaign changes have also been made, including increasing the likelihood of far-away factions from accepting non-aggression pacts and vassals joining you when you declare war. 

Endgame Scenarios Added to Multiplayer

Players will now be able to select their Endgame Scenario when creating a new multiplayer game, including the Ultimate Crisis. Those that aren’t fans of the Endgame mechanic will have the option to turn it off. 

Landmarks Added

New landmarks have been added to the campaign map including: 

  • Royal Ellyrian Stables (High Elves)
  • Ruined Ogham Stones (Ogres)
  • Corrupted Swamp-Town (Nurgle)
  • Golden Tower of the Gods (Lizardmen)
  • Ancient Boneyard (Khorne)
  • Defiled Ellyrian Stables (Slaneesh)

Victory Condition Updates

Additional victory conditions have been added for long campaigns, including The Great Orthodoxy and the Ice Court having to destroy Festus (and, really, who would blame them?). 

Changes to the Tomb Kings’ Settra have been made to his Short Term Victory campaign, which eliminates the need to destroy The High Queen Khalida, and resets his sights on Volkmar the Grim, which honestly makes more sense. 

Buffs to Crumbling Armies

Factions with crumbling armies, such as the Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, and Vampire Coast, received a buff to the crumble mechanic when the unit’s morale gets too low. This buff was insufficient, so the developers, Creative Assembly, are tweaking leadership values and armies should incur less damage over a longer period. 

There are a ton of other changes we couldn’t fit here. For the full patch notes, head to the Total War Warhammer 3 blog