Total War: WARHAMMER 3 Update Adds New Monuments

The upcoming update will also include new achievements for Total War: Warhammer 3.

If you’ve felt like there was a lull in the update frequency for Total War: WARHAMMER 3, you’re not alone. While the game itself sees more updates than most AAA titles out there, players have been spoiled over the last year with the release of the Immortal Empires grand campaign and other DLCs, like the expanded Chaos factions. 

In a recent blog post, the developers outlined their plans for an upcoming update, which will see achievements added to the game, a variety of new Monuments, new difficulty sliders for AI, and a new tutorial to help ease new players into the technical strategy title. 

Total War: Warhammer 3 New Monuments

The upcoming update, which is ready and in playtesting now, will include new Monuments, a highly-requested community feature. 

There are already Monuments in Total War: WARHAMMER 3, but players believe that there could be more, considering all of the iconic locations fleshed out in the Warhammer universe. 

We used our advanced CSI enhance skills (Photoshop) to zoom in on the teaser, and we’ve listed out a few of the new Monuments below. Keep in mind the following are based on file names and could change or completely not exist when the update actually rolls out.

  • Glacial Caves
  • Pillar of Bone
  • Special Agrammons Menagerie
  • Celestial Palace
  • The Palace of Scrolls
  • Huatl
  • Grand Dragon Fleet Port
  • Rampaging Oak
  • Talon of Agony
  • Monolith of the Bloody Hand
  • Hall of Rebirth
  • Bells of the Lazargh
  • Ecstatic Hunt
  • Anacharok Lair?
  • Njeviunus Citadel Kislev?
New Monuments Total War Warhammer 3
Creative Assembly

Some of the names don’t sound familiar, while others are recognizable from Warhammer lore. 

To read the full developer post, head to the Steam page

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