Vampire Survivors Unveils Trading Cards and Co-Op Details

A deep-dive into the upcoming Vampire Survivors updates.

The creators of the popular indie game Vampire Survivors, poncle, have announced a series of exciting updates, including the introduction of Steam Community Items, a sneak peek into the upcoming local co-op mode, and a full transition to a new game engine. The team is also planning its first-ever community event in London next month.

Starting today, players can unlock a variety of Steam Community Items, including five trading cards, six badges, five emoticons, and three profile backgrounds. These additions are designed to enhance the players’ Steam profiles.

In anticipation of the co-op update scheduled for August 17, 2023, the developers have released the first gameplay video showcasing the new mode. The video reveals how leveling up, group movement and other gameplay elements will work in the co-op mode. The team is also introducing a new item, the Friendship Amulet, which will allow players to level up a random active weapon for each player.

The Vampire Survivors team is also preparing to fully transition to a new game engine. This move is expected to improve the game’s stability and performance, making for a smoother gaming experience.

Finally, the team is hosting its first-ever community event in London in early August. Attendees will have the opportunity to try out the local co-op mode before its official launch and provide valuable feedback to the developers. You can learn more about that on the official Vampire Survivors Twitter.

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