Warhammer 40K: Darktide Penance Mission Rewards

Deck out your Warhammer Darktide character with all the rewards from completing Penance missions.
Warhammer 40K: Darktide Penance Mission Rewards
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

By Volkmar! Warhammer 40K: Darktide has finally descended upon us, and with it comes a new mission and quest mechanic called Penances. In Warhammer 40K, Penance missions are quests that players can complete for various rewards, including new gear, Penance Points, cosmetics, and achievements. If you’ve seen other players running around with cool-looking gear, it’s more than probable it’s from completing class-specific Penance missions in the game.

In addition to gaining loot from random Emporer drops after a mission, Penances are the main way you’ll acquire cosmetics to make your character stand out. You’ll gain access to higher-tier cosmetics, including helms, as you level up in Darktide.

All Penance Missions and Rewards in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

There are different quests for different types of Penance missions. These categories dictate which kind of missions you need to complete to gain the reward. In addition to the missions and rewards below, there are also class-specific missions listed below.

In Warhammer 40K: Darktide, the Penance missions include: 

  • Account 
  • Class
  • Heretics
  • Missions
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Team

Many Penances in Darktide have multiple levels you can complete, giving more rewards for each level. This means that even if you complete a Penance, there will probably be an additional level to complete. To access Penances, go to your Main Menu and then click the Penance button. 

These are all the Penance missions and rewards in Warhammer 40K Darktide: 

Penance NameMission DescriptionRewardsCategory
Circle of TrustComplete Path of Trust chapter 15 Points, Convict Portrait FrameAccount
Call to ArmsComplete Basic Training10 PointsAccount
Don’t Let Me Down, CriminalComplete the Prologue10 PointsAccount
Two’s CompanyReach Trust Level 30 with 2 classes5 PointsAccount
Unconsidered TriflesUnlock your first Curio slot10 PointsAccount
Well met, WhippersnapperUnlock access to Sire Melk’s Requisitiorium.10 PointsAccount
PurgatorKill 1000 Terrors5 PointsHeretics
Lex VigilantKill 3 of each Dreg elite10 PointsHeretics
Traitorous CollectiveKill every type of Scab enemy10 PointsHeretics
Renegade MasterKill 3 of each Scab Specialist enemy10 PointsHeretics
ElitistKill 3 of each Scab elite enemy10 PointsHeretics
Scab PickerKill 1000 Scabs5 Points, Humbler of Heretics Operative InsigniaHeretics
BlowoutKill 10 Bombers with melee attacks10 PointsHeretics
Hard LabourKill 10 Scab Maulers without using Headshots10 PointsHeretics
Cull the TraitorsComplete the following Scab Penances: Renegade Master, Elitist, Traitorous Collective, Scab Picker (5), Blowout, Hard Labor20 PointsHeretics
Lex TriumphantKill 3 of each Dreg Specialist10 PointsHeretics
Dreg CleanserKill every type of Dreg10 PointsHeretics
Dreg HunterKill 1000 Dregs5 PointsHeretics
Decapitation ProtocolKill 10 Dreg Ragers with Headshots10 PointsHeretics
Purge the HereticsComplete the following Dreg Penances: Lex Triumphant, Lex Vigilant, Dreg Cleanser, Dreg Hunter (5), Decapitation Protocol20 PointsHeretics
Nightmare PatrolKill 2 of each type of Terror10 PointsHeretics
Purification ProtocolKill 3 Terrors10 PointsHeretics
BanishmentKill every type of Terror10 PointsHeretics
PurgatorKill 5000 Terrors5 PointsHeretics
Bullying the BullyKill 10 Reapers in melee10 PointsHeretics
Cleanse the TaintComplete the following Terror Penances20 PointsHeretics
Raiding PartyComplete 50 Raid missions5 PointsMissions
Seek, Locate, DestroyComplete 50 Assassination missions5 PointsMissions
No Stone UnturnedComplete 50 Investigation missions5 PointsMissions
Disruptive BehaviourComplete 50 Disruption missions5 PointsMissions
Strike ForceComplete 50 Strike missions5 PointsMissions
Master of IntrigueComplete 50 Espionage missions5 PointsMissions
Omnissiah’s HandComplete 50 Repair missions5 PointsMissions
First AssignmentComplete 100 Missions5 Points, Operative Portrait FrameMissions
Auspex DrillScan 10 Auspex targets5 PointsMissions
InterrogatorComplete 10 successful data-interrogations5 PointsMissions
Adapt to the EnvironmentComplete 1 Special Condition Missions5 PointsMissions
Stand by for ActionComplete 1 Flash Missions5 PointsMissions
Rapid ResponseComplete a Flash Mission on Damnation difficulty;5 PointsMissions
Flawless InterrogatorComplete a Data Interrogation without an incorrect auspex entry;10 PointsMissions
Inquisitorial RecruitComplete each Mission type on Sedition Threat or higher5 Points, Patrol Adept Portrait FrameMissions
Mission ImprobableComplete the following Mission Penances: Raiding Party, Seek, Locate, Destroy, No Stone Unturned, Disruptive Behaviour, Strike Force, Master of Intrigue, Omnissiah’s Hand.50 PointsMissions
Time to DieKill a Monstrosity in 60 seconds or less5 PointsOffensive
Dodge thisKill 3 enemies with Headshot within 10 seconds10 PointsOffensive
Purge the HereticKill 1000 enemies in total5 PointsOffensive
Serial KillerKill 20 consecutive enemies with headshot10 PointsOffensive
Frenzied KillerKill 60 enemies in 30 seconds5 PointsOffensive
FlyswatterKill 50 climbing enemies10 PointsOffensive
Attack, Attack, Attack!Complete the following Offence Penances: Purge the Heretic, Serial Killer, Time to Die, Frenzied Killer, Flyswatter, Dodge This.20 PointsOffensive
The Emperor ProtectsBlock 400 damage in 10 seconds5 PointsDefensive
Preternatural DodgeDodge 7 attacks without taking damage5 PointsDefensive
Flawless ExecutionComplete a mission of at least Threat 5 without being downed5 PointsDefensive
Zigging and ZaggingDodge a total of 99 shots by sprinting10 PointsDefensive
Figure FourUse your slide to avoid an enemy attack10 PointsDefensive
Violent TendenciesRegenerate 40000 Toughness from melee kills10 PointsDefensive
UntouchableComplete a Mission without taking any Health damage10 PointsDefensive
Case for the DefenceComplete the following Defence Penances: The Emperor Protects, Preternatural Dodge, Flawless Execution, Zigging and Zagging, Figure Four, Violent Tendencies, Untouchable.20 PointsDefensive
Buddy UpReplenish 2000 Toughness from Coherency10 PointsTeam
War’s Not OverRescue a total of 10 Operatives5 Points, Guardian Portrait FrameTeam
Up and at ‘Em!Help 10 downed Operatives back up5 PointsTeam
Dream TeamComplete 100 missions without anyone being downed10 Points, The Emperor’s Own Portrait FrameTeam
Leave No One BehindComplete a Mission having revived 3 different Operatives at least once10 PointsTeam
Discipline & TeamworkShare 25 ammo or health packs5 PointsTeam
Good SamaritanComplete the following Team Penances: War’s Not Over, Up and at ‘Em!, Dream Team, Buddy Up, Discipline & Teamwork20 PointsTeam
Note: These missions may be updated on the game’s official launch. We will update this post to reflect the changes. 

It is more than likely that the developers of Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Fatshark, will add more Penance missions in the future.

Class Penance Missions

In addition to the general Penance missions that players can beat, each class in Darktide also has its own set of Penance missions specific to their class. These missions unlock awesome cosmetics that you can apply to your character.

The Class Penance missions in Darktide are:

Penance NameMission DescriptionRewardClassArmor Type
Got a Bone to PickReach Trust Level 5 as a Skullbreaker5 Points, Tactical Battlegear, Skydeath CamoSkullbreakerChest
Built Like a TankComplete 25 Missions as a Skullbreaker5 PointsSkullbreaker
Beat-‘em-UpAs a Skullbreaker, complete at least one Mission of each type5 Points, Bestest Portrait FrameSkullbreaker
I’m in ChargeUse Bull Rush to interrupt a Plague Ogryn’s charge10 Points, Brute’s Big ArmourSkullbreakerLegs
Something in Your EyeKill a Corruptor by hitting it in the eye with your grenade box10 Points Tactical Battlegear, Noxfight CamoSkullbreakerChest
Friends Will be FriendsStay in Coherency with all living teammates at all times during a Mission on Malice Threat or higher10 Points, Brute’s Biggest & BestestSkullbreakerLegs
Gone BowlingKnock down 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush on Malice Threat or higher10 Points, Brute’s Biggest and Bestest ArmourSkullbreakerChest
Don’t Stop Me Now!Move 70 metres with Bull Rush in under 25 seconds on Heresy Threat or higher;10 Points, Brute’s Bootiful ArmorSkullbreakerLegs
Heavyweight ChampionOn Heresy Threat or higher, knock down 4 enemy Ogryns (Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, and/or Reapers) with a single Bull Rush charge;10 Points, Brute’s Bootiful ArmorSkullbreakerChest
Bone ‘EadComplete the following Penances as a Skullbreaker: Got a Bone to Pick (4), Beat-‘em-Up, Built Like a Tank (1), Something in Your Eye, I’m in Charge10 Points, Krourk Mk IIIa BrutehelmSkullbreakerHead
Maniacal LaughterReach Trust level 5 as a Preacher5 Points, Lowly Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherChest
DoomseekerComplete 25 Missions as a Preacher5 PointsPreacher
Praise the God-Emperor!As a Preacher, complete at least one Mission of each type5 Points, By the God-Emperor Portrait FramePreacher
Buying TimeUsing a Stun Grenade, hit an enemy sniper more 40 metres away10 Points, Anointed Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherLegs
Abhor the MutantWhile Dashing, kill a Mutant with a Melee Attack10 Points, Anointed Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherChest
Shocking StuffOn a Malice Threat or higher, kill 50 enemies stunned by your grenades, within 10 seconds10 Points, Pious Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherLegs
Up Close and PersonalComplete a Mission on Malice Threat or Higher without firing a shot10 Points, Pious Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherChest
There is Nothing But the AbyssOn Heresy threat or higher, heal a hull health with life gained solely from the Holy Revenant Feat after it triggers10 Points, Saintly Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherLegs
Just A Flesh WoundComplete a mission of Heresy Threat or higher in under 10 minutes, with less than one Wound remaining for 75% of the time10 Points, Saintly Mendicant’s VestmentsPreacherChest
Sainted PathComplete the Following Penances as the Preacher – Maniacal Laughter (4), Praise the God-Emperor!, Doomseeker (1); Abhor the Mutant, Buying Time10 Points, Cowl of the ShamedPreacherHead
Mind over MatterReach Trust level 5 as a Psykinetic10 Points, Storm Witch’s Penance RaimentPsykineticLegs
LifeleechComplete 25 Missions as a Psykinetic5 Points, Storm Witch’s Leash RainmentPsykineticChest
Mind Over MatterAs a Psychinetic, complete at least one Mission of each type5 Points, Incomparable Portrait FramePsykinetic
Not Even CloseKill a pouncing Pox Hound with Brain Burst10 Points, Storm Witch’s Penance RainmentPsykineticLegs
CliffhangerKill 20 enemies within 2 seconds by knocking them off a ledge10 Points, Storm Witch’s Penance RainmentPsykineticChest
Warp BatteryWhile on Malice Threat or higher, in a single session, maintain maximum warp charges for 300 seconds10 Points, Storm Witch’s Duty RainmentPsykineticLegs
Going Out With a BangWhile on Malice Threat or higher, kill 3 elite enemies with a single Perils of the Warp explosion10 Points, Storm Witch’s Duty RainmentPsykineticChest
Pick n’ MixWhile on Heresy threat or higher, use Brain Burst to kill 5 different Elite or Specialist enemies within 10 seconds10 Points, Storm Witch’s Redemption RainmentPsykineticLegs
Malleus MonstronumWhile on Heresy threat or higher singlehandedly kill a Monstrosity where by all damage inflicted is done by you and all damage inflicted is done by Brain Burst10 Points, Storm Witch’s Redemption RainmentPsykineticChest
Kinetic Killer(1) – Complete the Following Penances as the Psykinetic: Mind over Matter (4), Mind Over Matter, Lifeleech (1), Cliffhanger, Not Even Close10 Points, Obscurus Mk IIId Psykana HoodPsykineticHead
I Love the Militarum!Reach Trust level 5 as a Sharpshooter;5 Points, Gun-Hand’s Duty UniformSharpshooterChest
Through The MudComplete 25 Missions as a Sharpshooter;5 PointsSharpshooter
Vantage PointAs a Sharpshooter, complete at least one Mission of each type;5 Points, Dutiful Portrait FrameSharpshooter
Marked For DeathDuring a single use of Volley Fire, hit Weak Spot of 4 enemies with weapon’s Secondary Action, without missing a shot;10 Points, Pistolero’s Duty UniformSharpshooterLegs
Long BombKill 3 enemies with a Frag Grenade without it bouncing;10 Points, Pistolero’s Duty UniformSharpshooterChest
One In the ChamberKill 5 enemies with the last round in your clip during a single Mission on Malice Threat or higher10 Points, Dead-Eye’s Duty UniformSharpshooterLegs
On OverwatchComplete a Mission on Malice Threat or higher without taking any melee damage10 Points, Dead-Eye’s Duty UniformSharpshooterChest
DeadeyeOn Heresy Threat or higher, during a single use of Volley Fire, kill 5 highlighted enemies with Weak Spot hits whilst using a weapon’s Secondary Action10 Points, Killshot’s Duty UniformSharpshooterLegs
Make Every Shot CountComplete a Mission on Heresy Threat or higher with no Ammo remaining, and 100% accuracy10 Points, Killshot’s Duty UniformSharpshooterChest
On TargetComplete the Following Penances as the Sharpshooter: I Love the Militarum! (4), Vantage Point, Through The Mud (1), Long Bomb, Marked For Death.10 Points, Graia Mk IVb Carapace Warden HelmSharpshooterHead

What are Penance Points Used For?

Currently, in the pre-launch open beta, there is no use for Penance Points in Darktide. When the full game releases, the developers, Fatshark, may implement a store where you can trade your points for different cosmetics. Previous to the game’s launch, the developers said there would be more than 1 currency and that the premium currency could be used for cosmetics, so we’re interested to see what players will be able to spend their Penance Points on.

We will update this section upon the full game release.

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