Warzone 2: Custom Loadouts are Back

Custom Loadouts make a return in Warzone 2. Here's what you need to know about securing them for you and your squad.

Like the original Warzone, Loadouts will be a key aspect of surviving the Battle Royale and securing victory in Warzone 2. Perhaps the most important part of your Loadout is the Primary Weapon. Good news: custom Loadouts will be returning in Warzone 2, and there are a few different ways to get them.

Getting Your Loadout in Warzone 2

There are three ways to get your custom loadouts in Warzone 2:

  • Shops
  • Public Events
  • Strongholds and Black Sites

In-Match Shops (Buy Station 2.0)

Players can interact with any of the in-game Shops, formerly known as Buy Stations, to purchase their Primary Weapon from their Loadout. Shops, or the Buy Station 2.0, contain limited quantities of unique items to purchase. Items can include things like Killstreaks, Armor Plates, Primary Weapons, and more. 

Public Events

Loadout Drops will randomly occur throughout the Battle Royale match. These are not specific to any player or squad and can be looted by anyone. Look to the skies of Al Mazrah for an incoming drop, and do your best to secure the package before anyone else. First come, first serve.

Warzone 2: Loadout Drops
Image via Activision

Strongholds and Black Sites

Players looking to secure a Loadout early can do so by clearing a Stronghold or Black Site. The Gulag, Strongholds, and Black Sites are three areas where players can encounter AI-controlled enemies. During a match, Strongholds activate around the map. Squads can visit them and clear out the AI and defuse a bomb to receive a Black Site key and their Custom Loadout.

Black Sites are a bit more dangerous, but clearing them out awards a permanent Weapon Blueprint and other valuable in-game loot. You can only access Black Sites by obtaining a key from any of the active Strongholds.

Warzone 2 also features a new Backpack system. Whenever a player dies, they will drop their Primary Weapon on the ground along with their Backpack, which contains the rest of their loot. You could always pick up a custom primary weapon from an enemy that already secured their Loadout.

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