What is Ready or Not?

Time to put on your tactical gear.
Ready or Not Key Art
Image: VOID Interactive

If you’re into tactical SWAT simulations, Ready or Not, a new, realistic first-person shooter in Early Access from developers VOID Interactive, is the perfect game to test your strategic prowess. 

Fans of the SWAT series who have been yearning for a new swat game since SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, which was released in 2006, have another option on their plate other than Rainbow 6 Siege. Ready or Not is a first-person tactical shooter developed and published by VOID Interactive, a small indie development company based out of Dublin, Ireland. 

In Ready or Not, players can team up with a squad online or with AI-controlled operators to control tense hostage or active shooter situations. Rather than opting for the arcade-style gameplay that many contemporary FPS games have adopted, Ready or Not takes a more tactical approach. 

Players must work together to clear rooms, identify threats, and save hostages and civilians. Every mistake or success is tallied up, and you receive a graded score at the end of each mission. 

Ready or Not Screenshot

Even though you can equip your character in seriously powerful plated body armor, Ready or Not takes the realistic tone of gameplay and incorporates that into the game’s difficulty. After all, being shot in the face in real life would certainly mean death–and Ready or Not’s difficulty level reflects that. 

In the game, the slightest mistake or oversight can mean death–and threats, just as they are in real life, are always present unless the target is neutralized or detained. 

Gamers can download the Early Access version of Ready or Not on Steam. If you want to see some gameplay, you can watch us play Ready or Not on YouTube.

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