Where is Sobek in Tower of Fantasy?

Are you hunting for Sobek, the massive mechanized monster in ToF? Here is where to find Sobek in Tower of Fantasy.

Now that you’ve gotten the Flower Boss and Frost Bot out of the way, it’s time you take on bigger and badder bosses in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). The newest addition to the World Boss roster comes from a giant mechanized monster, Sobek, found in the Crown Mines area. Here’s where to find Sobek in Tower of Fantasy. 

Where is Sobek in Tower of Fantasy?

Sobek is located in the center of the Crown Mines. 

See the map below to see the exact location of Sobek the World Boss in Tower of Fantasy: 

Map location for Sobek in Tower of Fantasy

Sobek is a pretty brutal World Boss in ToF and can easily 1-hit kill you with his burrow move. See below for his move list and rewards. 

Sobek World Boss Moves in ToF

Here’s a list of Sobek World Boss moves you should look out for in Tower of Fantasy: 

  • Lashing melee attack 
  • Sobek burrows into the ground and does massive damage when he rises up
  • Roll attack that does damage to characters near him
  • Charge attack that knocks opponents back
  • Projectiles that do large AOE damage 

You have to be most wary of Sobek’s burrow move, which can do 1-hit kill damage when he rises up from the ground. The tough thing about this move is that there is no red indicator like there is with other large AOE moves, therefore, you need to time it perfectly. 

When Sobek burrows into the ground, you can use your Jetpack to jump into the air and avoid his attack. If you’re out of Jetpack charges, try constantly dodging to avoid his attack. 

Again, it can come out of nowhere and kill you in 1 shot, so you need to be careful. 

Sobek World Boss Rewards in ToF

The following rewards are available when beating Sobek, the World Boss in Tower of Fantasy: 

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Crow: Matrix
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Random Arm shard
  • Cybernetic Arm shard
  • Sobek: Matrix
  • Random R Matrix chip
  • Weapon battery III
  • Matrix data pack III

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about where to find and kill Sobek in Tower of Fantasy. 

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