Where to Find Tin Ore in Dinkum

Have no idea where to find Tin Ore? Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's how to find Tin Ore in Dinkum.

In Dinkum, there are a variety of different resources and materials you have to gather to start building your house and town. One of the first resources that you’re tasked to find is Tin Ore. This leads to a simple question. Where do you find Tin Ore in Dinkum? 

Because maps are randomly generated in Dinkum, there is no definitive location in your play area that will contain Tin Ore. However, there are some things that all maps have in common, and resource placement is one of them. Keep reading to find tin ore easily. 

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Where to find Tin Ore in Dinkum

Press the M key to bring up your map. Green and yellow areas designate spaces full of foliage, whereas the map’s light and dark brown spots designate the desert or dryer areas. In Dinkum, you can find Tin Ore in arid or desert regions on the map. 

Find Tin Ore in Dinkum
Example of Map in Dinkum

To find Tin Ore, identify a place that has a lot of brown and travel to it. There’s a good chance you’ll find Tin Ore there. There are typically large metal deposits in these areas. Sometimes, you’ll even come across a vast field with different mineral deposits, including Copper and Quartz. 

Find Tin Ore in Dinkum

Tin and Quartz look very similar, but Tin will be slightly darker and is not translucent like Quartz is, so keep this in mind when looking for ore nodes. 

How to Mine Tin Ore

To mine Tin Ore: 

  1. Get a Basic Pickaxe from John for 1200 coins. 
  2. Find a Tin Ore node. 
  3. Equip the Basic Pickaxe to your toolbar by clicking and dragging it into the bottom bar. 
  4. Left click on the Tin Ore node. 
  5. Press the E key to pick up Tin Ore once you destroy the node.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the Mining Licence from Fletch in order to mine Tin.

And there you have it! You should now have Tin Ore sitting nicely in your inventory. 

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