Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer and Details

Fight Kingtusk and more in EA's upcoming fantasy hunting game. Here's the extended Wild Hearts gameplay trailer.

EA Originals and KOEI TECMO of Dynasty Warriors fame have been hard at work on their new entry Wild Hearts, and today we’re getting a fresh look at what Azuma and its denizens, the kemono, have to offer. Here’s the Wild Hearts gameplay trailer and early details about the upcoming title. 

Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer

We got a closer look at Kingtusk, the star of today’s show which ultimately took 3 hunters to bring down. This vegetation-tinged boar is both fast and gargantuan, using thorns from below as a weapon as threatening as its charge. The boar even triggered a transformation near the tail-end of the fight, sprouting new blades on its now-volcanic tusks. 

But don’t take our word for it, watch the Wild Hearts gameplay trailer below:

What We Learned from the Gameplay Video

A lot was featured in the gameplay trailer for Wild Hearts, including ancient karakuri constructs seen briefly. So far, we have a powered zipline, fireworks cannon, and a barricade that repulses whatever charges it. 

Less dramatic but still practical appearances included a glider and springboard platform. The earlier-teased timed mine and massive hammer were also demonstrated. Interestingly enough, some constructs are formed by placing several smaller pieces, suggesting flexibility to the system that was not previously apparent.

The hunters in the video showcased various weapons and outfits, wielding a katana/bladed whip hybrid, tonfas, and even a parasol. Transforming weaponry was a running theme, with the third Hunter’s equipment also cycling through a staff and a massive throwing star. 

Gear May Be More than Cosmetic

Whether the clothing of the different hunters is cosmetic or part of a Monster-Hunter-esque gear system is yet unclear. The video ended with a brief glimpse of an enormous bird with a serrated appearance, so we know there’s plenty more content to be seen.

Wild Hearts is still 4 months out, with a scheduled February 17, 2023 release date. If this video is indicative of the gameplay mechanics and quality of the ultimate product, players will be in for a good hunt.

The constructs look fun, but can they update you on the latest stories like our News Section?