Wild Hearts: How to Get Pet Kemono Seeds

Here's everything you need to know about how to get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts so you can enhance your armor in the endgame.

As a hunter in Wild hearts, you’ll need lots of different materials to craft the best weapons and armor. That means hunting down both small and large Kemono, as well as making use of the wildlife creatures roaming throughout the lands. One such ingredient you will need for endgame armor is Pet Kemono Seeds, and we’ll show you exactly where to get them in this guide.

How to Get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

Pet Kemono Seeds are a material that can be obtained by building a Wildlife Cage and placing a Berrybright Squirrel or a Frostberry Squirrel inside of it. The Squirrel will eventually produce materials that you can collect, which are guaranteed to be Pet Kemono Seeds. Each Squirrel produces about one Pet Kemono Seed every 15 minutes, so it’s a good idea to build a few cages.

Wild Hearts: How to Get Pet Kemono Seeds
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

As for where to find these creatures, let’s take a look. First off, the Berrybright Squirrel is a creature that can be found roaming around Harugasumi Way. Frostberry Squirrels, on the other hand, are native to the ice biome known as Fuyufusagi Fort. You can capture either of these squirrels and place them in your Wildlife Cage. Then, simply wait for them to produce Pet Kemono Seeds.

Don’t have the Wildlife Cage available? No worries — you can find this upgrade on the Karakuri Upgrades menu. It’s near the middle of the tree, shown in the screenshot below. You will need some Pet Kemono Seeds to enhance your armor later on in Wild Hearts. And after this guide, you know how to start collecting them!