Wild Hearts: How to Refight the Celestial Dragon

Time to collect those Celestial parts and craft the good stuff!

Hunters looking to acquire the best armor and weapons in Wild Hearts will need to grind specific Kemono multiple times. That means those seeking Celestial parts will need to go on multiple hunts for the Celestial Dragon. Since this Kemono is part of the main story, refighting it can be a bit confusing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to refight the Celestial Dragon in Wild Hearts.

How to Refight the Celestial Dragon in Wild Hearts

Here’s how to refight the Celestial Dragon:

  1. Go to Minato and Fast Travel to the Steward’s Residence.
  2. Walk southwest and speak with Otoha.
  3. Accept or turn in any quest you have active with Otoha.
  4. Open the Main Map and find Hunting Encore – Summit Strife in Sacred Mountain.
  5. Join a Session or Create a Session.
Wild Hearts: Otoha Minato Map
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

First off, make sure you’re in Minato, and then open up your map and Travel to the northmost waypoint (Steward’s Residence). Then, make your way southwest up the wooden stairs and across the platform until you reach the NPC Otoha. Speak with her — there’s a chance you may have an active quest with her to kill the Celestial Dragon. If not, accept her quest and then open up your map. 

Wild Hearts: Hunting Encore - Summit Strife Celestial Dragon Hunt
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

Go to the Main Map tab, make sure you’re in Chapter 5: Hunter of Kemono, and find the hunt called Hunting Encore – Submit Strife. This is the Celestial Dragon hunt. You can now select it any time you want in order to refight the Celestial Dragon. Like any other hunt, you can do this solo or join an online session with friends or random players.

Hopefully, this clears things up for you if you were wondering how to refight the Celestial Dragon in Wild Hearts. It can be confusing if you haven’t spoken to this NPC before since you may not see the Hunt on your map otherwise! You can check out our Wild Hearts section for some more guides.