Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to Beat Lu Bu

Here's our guide to defeating Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, one of the more challenging encounters in the game.

Lu Bu is one of the most challenging and frustrating boss encounters in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It’s a fight you’ll likely have to try several times and maybe even be stuck on for hours. For that reason, we’re here with some tips that might help you overcome this battle. 

How to Beat Lu Bu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is a boss that has a large health pool and three different “phases” that alternate throughout the fight and change his attacks and behavior. To beat Lu Bu, players need to take advantage of the guard mechanic, deflect all incoming critical attacks, and, most importantly, exercise patience.

General tips for the Lu Bu fight:

  • Find all the flags in Hulaoguan Pass to increase your morale before the fight
  • Use a water/ice spell like Frozen Spear Trap to dispel Lu Bu’s fire weapon if he hits you with an attack
  • Guard all white attacks, but don’t get staggered
  • Parry/Deflect the red attacks only
  • Use the Qinglong Divine Beast to supplement your healing

Phase 1

Phase 1: Lu Bu is on horseback. He fires arrows and also attacks you with his halberd. You’ll know the arrows are coming because he’ll drag his weapon on the ground and circle around to face you. Unless they’re on fire, you can do a basic guard block to negate the arrows.

For this phase, go to the center of the arena and hold guard the entire time, except for his two critical (red) attacks. The two attacks will be either:

  • Jump-dive: Lu Bu jumps into the air and dives down toward you. It’s the easiest attack to counter. If you’re having trouble, try experimenting with different equipment/agility levels to make yourself move nimble.
Lu Bu Launch Attack
  • Horse charge: This attack is random and sometimes challenging to deflect/parry. It can be troublesome if you are right up in Lu Bu’s face when he does it. As long as you keep some distance, it’s not bad to counter.
Lu Bu Charge

As a bonus, you can actually get up in Lu Bu’s face when he fires arrows and attack him — the arrows will soar over your head. It’s a good way to chip away at his health and make the horseback phase not as long.

Important: If Lu Bu’s flaming critical attacks hit you — as in, you fail to parry/deflect it — all of his subsequent attacks will be fire and deal amplified damage. To counteract this, we recommend running any ice/water move. The fight is very tough against fiery attacks.

Lu Bu Ice Trap

Phase 2

Phase 2: You fully stagger Lu Bu, and he falls off his horse. Bad news, though – his stagger bar is gone again. In this phase, Lu Bu has a few critical moves and attacks more often. Which attack he will do depends on your range to him — we recommend keeping him at mid-range. If you’re too far, he’ll just spam arrows. If you’re too close, he’ll mostly keep basic combo-attacking. Mid-range seems to trigger the most critical attacks, which is what we want.

His three critical moves are as follows:

  • Jump-dive: Same as before, but this one is faster, so you’ll need to be quicker on the timing. If it lands, his attacks will be fiery until you put them out with an ice/water move.
Lu Bu - Phase 2 - Jump Dive
  • Spear thrust: Lu Bu twirls around and thrusts forward. The move is spontaneous, so it’s a tough one to learn. Look out for Lu Bu twirling around before the attack to telegraph this one.
  • Halberd impale: Lu Bu drags his halberd across the ground and tries to grab spear you with it. You can easily counter this one by running at him and doing a parry/deflect. You can also roll to the left of it without getting hit.

Phase 3

Phase 3: At around one-third health, Lu Bu will start chaining back-to-back critical (red) attacks. At this stage, be very careful about going in for a heavy attack because you may get caught off guard and die late into the fight. He’ll also continue spamming arrows, usually back-to-back, so be prepared by holding your guard. Aside from that, it’s business as usual.

When you manage to stagger Lu Bu, you’ll want to get in a few hits before going in for the execution each time. Pay attention to the full bar, and activate your Triangle/Y execute when the bar is nearly depleted. Chip damage adds up over time, making the fight more manageable. Again, be cautious about going in for attacks after a single deflect in the third phase. There’s a good chance Lu Bu follows up with another one.

One thing you can do if you’re still having trouble is literally hold guard for most of the fight. Try to deflect as well, and if you can deflect a couple of white hits, you won’t get staggered. Miss all of them, though, and you’ll probably end up dazed. Lastly, if Lu Bu manages to hit you with a fiery attack, igniting his weapon, that’s a good time to throw down Qinglong Divine Beast and lay an Ice Trap to extinguish the flames.

Hopefully, this guide provides you with some helpful tips and tricks that you can utilize in your battle against Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Remember to take your time to learn the fight and not get too aggressive. It’s a tough, and quite frankly, annoying fight, but it’s not bad once you understand everything about it.