Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to Beat Zhuyan

Zhuyan is a giant white ape demon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that will destroy you if you’re not careful. If you’ve died about a million times to him, here’s how to defeat him. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not an easy game, and chances are you’ll die to bosses several times before moving on unless you’re a soulslike pro. If you’re having trouble with Zhuyan, Like all bosses, to have the best chance to beat him, it’s best to run past all the lower-level mobs leading to him so that you don’t take unnecessary damage. 

How to Beat Zhuyan in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Zhuyan is an ape boss whose attacks have a long wind-up, enabling players to easily parry and counterattack for massive sums of damage. To defeat Zhuyan, circle it at a distance and wait for it to wind up its special double front kick, parry it, then counter it to fill up the demon’s Spirit Gauge. Once filled, use a heavy attack to unleash a powerful counter blow. Continue to utilize this technique until you down the monster, which only has one form. 

It’s best not to attack Zhuyan straight on — it’s better to wait for it to attack you first, counter, then attack it. When it begins its animation for the three-punch combo, make sure you’re blocking because it’s fairly hard to parry this attack. 

Zhuyan Attacks

Zhuyan has three primary attacks and only one form — making him a fairly easy demon to counter. His attacks include: 

  • Triple slam combo: Use block until after the third blow, or dodge away from this attack. 
  • Double-fisted slam: This is telegraphed and can be easily parried.
  • Special Double Front Kick: Parrying this telegraphed attack will result in massive counter damage. 

Get to know the timing of each of these attacks, and it will make parrying them a lot easier. 

Zhuyan Rewards

Defeating the ape demon Zhuyan results in the following drops for players: 

  • Official Seal: 3 Star
  • Yellow Turban Champion Helmet: 3 Star
  • Lieutenant-General Greaves: 3 Star
  • Ring Pommel Sabre: 4 Star

Ultimately, like most bosses in the game, Zhuyan dishes out big damage and is hard to defeat, especially if you’re getting hit a lot. Timing is everything in this case, and being able to parry his super move and counter it with a heavy attack once his soul breaks is the key to victory. 

Did Zhuyan give you trouble? Let us know how many attempts it took you in the comments section below. 

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