Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Have an Easy Mode?

If Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a little too challenging for you, here's what you need to know.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a recent title from Team Ninja, the game development studio known for popular game series like Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or Alive. Anyone familiar with the project knows it’s designed to be a challenge, but for some, it may be too challenging. That begs the question: does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have an easier difficulty mode? Here’s what you need to know.

Is there an Easy Mode in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

There is no easy mode in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The campaign is meant to be completed on a single base difficulty, which is admittedly quite challenging. After completing the campaign, players unlock New Game Plus, an even more challenging game mode. 

The game’s single difficulty level means players must master all aspects of the game, including dodge and deflect mechanics, experimenting and fighting with different weapons, and the various elements and spells that come with leveling up your character. 

Perhaps the most important thing to consider to make Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty easier is your character’s Morale level. Morale is a system that progressively makes your character more powerful the longer you fight and kill enemies in an area without dying. Morale is area-specific and caps out at level 25. Every time you die, you lose Morale, meaning you’ll need to grind it back up again by slaying more enemies.

Your base level of Morale is determined by the number of Marking Flags you discover in each area. If you find all Marking Flags in an area, your base Morale should be around Levels 18 to 20. That means you’ll still need to kill an additional few monsters before heading into the boss encounter if you want to max out your Morale at Level 25, even after finding all the flags. However, in doing so, you will make the game, especially boss fights, much easier.

Using companions and the correct Divine Beasts can also help make the game more manageable. The longer you grind with a companion by your side, the higher your Bond level will be and, thus, the stronger your companion. Divine Beasts are also something you’ll want to utilize whenever you have enough power to use it. The Qinglong Divine Beast is a popular choice, as it fully heals you instantly and leaves an area of healing on the ground so you can face tank even the toughest bosses like Lu Bu for a short period of time.

So, while there is no easy mode in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can make use of certain mechanics in the game to make things a lot less difficult for you.