WorldBox Traits and How to Give Them

Here is the complete collection of WorldBox traits, how to give them, and all the positive and negative effects for each of them.

Traits are characteristics that can certain creatures or people possess in WorldBox. Some of these traits can be given to others through a series of actions, while others are naturally inherited by certain species or types of people, animals, and living beings. Traits can change how something behaves, modify its appearance, and change the stats.

Below is a collection of all the WorldBox traits and how to give specific ones to the people of your world. You can also add more traits with WorldBox mods, which allow for some even more in-depth gameplay and customization.

WorldBox Traits

Signature Traits

These are signature traits that occur naturally for a certain type of species:

  • Boat: Boats
  • Cold Aura: Cold Ones
  • Energized: Fairies
  • Evil: Evil Mages and Demons
  • Healing Aura: Fairies
  • Immortal: Necromancers, Skeletons, Zombies
  • Immune: Baby Crabs, Eggs, Plague Doctors
  • Miner: Dwarves
  • Peaceful: Any animal or person that does not attack
  • Regeneration: Orcs
  • Savage: Orcs
  • Stong: Bears
  • Zombie: Zombies

Positive Traits

These are traits that provide positive stat bonuses in WorldBox:

  • Acid proof: Cannot die to acid
  • Agile: +30 Attack Speed
  • Ambitious: +2 Diplomacy, +4 Warfare, +1 Stewardship
  • Attractive: +2 Diplomacy, +1 Stewardship
  • Blessed: +9 Damage, +15 Speed, +10% Dodge, + 1.5 times Health
  • Boat: Cannot be afflicted by other traits
  • Content: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Stewardship
  • Deceitful: +1 Diplomacy, +4 Stewardship
  • Dragonslayer: +4% Critical Chance, +1 Diplomacy, +6 Warfare
  • Eagle-Eyed: +15 Damage, +0.7 Birth Rate
  • Energized: May summon lightning on death
  • Fast: +20% Base Speed, +5 Attack Speed
  • Fireproof: Cannot catch fire
  • Freezeproof: Cannot freeze
  • Genius: +5 Diplomacy, +5 Warfare, +7 Stewardship
  • Giant: +50% Base Health
  • Honest: +2 Diplomacy, +3 Stewardship
  • Immune: Immune to plague
  • Kingslayer: +5 Attack Speed
  • Lucky: +5% Dodge, +4% Accuracy
  • Mageslayer: +4% Critical Chance
  • Miner: Increased chance to get gems from mines
  • Pacifist: +10 Diplomacy
  • Poison immunity: Cannot get poisoned)
  • Pyromaniac: +3 Warfare
  • Regeneration: Regenerates health over time
  • Savage: Salvage bones and leather from enemies
  • Strong: +3 Damage, +5 Diplomacy
  • Tough: +2% Armor
  • Veteran: +3 Damage, +1% Armor, +3% Dodge, +1% Accuracy, +5 Diplomacy, +30 Health
  • Weightless: Allows walking over Ice
  • Wise: +5-10 Diplomacy

Neutral Traits

These are traits that provide neutral stat bonuses in WorldBox:

  • Greedy: -2 Diplomacy, +4 Warfare
  • Golden Tooth: Appears when the unit is king
  • Paranoid: -2 Diplocacy, +4 Warfare
  • Poisonous: Poisons whatever attacks it
  • Tiny: -50 Health, +5 Speed

Negative Traits

These are traits that provide negative stat bonuses in WorldBox:

  • Crippled: -25 Speed, -5 Diplomacy
  • Cursed: -1 Diplomacy, -50% HP
  • Fat: -5% Dodge, -5% Accuracy
  • Gluttonous: Increases hunger rate
  • Infected: +4 Speed, -5% Dodge, turns into a Zombie
  • Madness: +1 Damage, +5 Speed, No Diplomacy (attacks nearest target)
  • One-eyed: -10% Accuracy
  • Peaceful: Never attack first
  • Pyromaniac: Starts fires when raiding
  • Short-Sighted: -5% Accuracy
  • Skin Burns: -7 Speed, -5 Attack Speed
  • Slow: -10 Speed
  • Stupid: -2 Diplomacy
  • Ugly: Decreases the chance of having offspring by 50%
  • Unlucky: -2% Dodge, -4% Accuracy
  • Weak: -1 Damage

Environmental Traits

The following traits affect the surroundings in WorldBox:

  • Acid blood: Creates acid on death
  • Acid touch: Creates acid footsteps
  • Bomber Man: Randomly place TNT
  • Burning Feet: Created burning footsteps
  • Cold Aura: Freezes the ground
  • Flower Print: Creates flower-spawning footsteps
  • Fire blood: Creates fire on death
  • Healing Aura: Regenerates health and cures the plague
  • Strong Minded: Immune to madness
  • Rat: Spreads plague when in large groups
  • Rat King: Rallies nearby rats and creatures with the rat trait
  • Zombie: Spreads infection
  • Tumor Infection: Deals damage and turns the enemy into a tumor
  • Mush Spores: Turns into Mush Zombie on death

Major Traits

The traits grant major modifying effects in WorldBox:

  • Immortal: Age cannot kill this unit
  • Energized: Spawns a lightning strike on death
  • Plague: Deals damage until dead and spreads to nearby characters

Traits That Can Be Given

These are the traits that can be given to units in WorldBox:

  1. Blessed: Bless someone with the “Blessing” tool or move them to an Enchanted Biome.
  2. Cursed: Curse someone with the “Curse” tool or move them to a Corrupted Biome.
  3. Dragonslayer: Have someone kill a dragon.
  4. Immortal: Strike someone with lightning until they become immortal.
  5. Infected: Use the “Plague” tool, the “Zombie infection” tool, or have a Zombie attack them.
  6. Kingslayer: Have someone kill a King.
  7. Mageslayer: Have someone kill a Mage.
  8. Mush Spores: Use the “Mush Spores” tool.
  9. One-Eyed/Crippled: Hurt someone.
  10. Skin burn: Catch someone on fire and then put it out.
  11. The Plague: Use the “Plague” tool.
  12. Tumor infection: Damage someone by tumor growth or a tumor creature.
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Those are all of the traits in WorldBox at this time. We will do our best to keep this totally up-to-date, and please let us know in the comments below if we are missing any!