Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock Slimy

Here's how to unlock the poison pet named Slimy in Across the Obelisk.
Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock Slimy

There are over a dozen pets to choose from in Across the Obelisk, and each pet has a different specialty. Slimy, for instance, goes perfectly with poison builds like Thuls and Andrin. This guide will explain what you need to do to unlock Slimy in Across the Obelisk.

How to Unlock Slimy in Across the Obelisk

Here’s how to unlock Slimy in Across the Obelisk:

  1. Go to the Lizardmen Tribe zone at the Green portal in Act 2 or Act 3.
  2. Buy the Homemade Slime Bait, Hammer, and Nails for 600 gold.
  3. Go to the next node, the Shore, and repair the boat.
  4. Enter the Spider Lair.
  5. Go to the Poisonous River zone inside the Spider Lair.
  6. Throw the Slime Bait away to unlock Slimy.

Slimy is another pet that is unlocked entirely in Act 2. To unlock the slime, start by completing Act 1 and heading through the Green portal in either Act 2 or 3. Once in the Green portal, take the bottom path to the Lizardmen Tribe zone.

Across the Obelisk Lizardmen Tribe

At the Lizardmen Tribe, you will want to purchase the Homemade Slime Bait. We recommend purchasing the bait plus the hammer and nails to make things more efficient, so you will need 600 gold for that. You can get a discount for bringing Thuls.

After obtaining the Slime Bait, Hammer, and Nails, continue south to the Shore area. At the Shore, you can fix the boat using the Hammer and Nails you bought to get an easy route to the Spider Lair.

Across the Obelisk Spider Lair

Enter the Spider Lair, and then make your way to the Poisonous River zone. Once there, pick the option to throw the slime bait away to lure the slimes off the bridge. After doing so, a little slime will come to you, and its name is Slimy — congratulations on unlocking Slimy!

Across the Obelisk Poisonous River

Slimy is a pet that grants 4% to all resistances, and casts the Poison Splash card every turn. Poison Splash adds 2 Poison to all monsters. Slimy pairs well with Poison builds on heroes like Thuls and Andrin.

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