All Units in Mechabellum

If you are trying to win your matches in Mechabellum, you’ll need to learn all the different units in the game. If you’re seeking a complete list, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are many different units in Mechabellum, and it can be unclear which ones to invest in, especially if you’ve just started playing. See below to view all the units in Mechabellum.

List of All Units in Mechabellum

Each unit will cost a different value depending on who you select at the beginning of the match, plus whatever buffs you pick up in between rounds. 

Below is a complete list of all the units in Mechabellum: 

Unit NameAir or GroundIcon
MarksmanAir & GroundMarksman
FangAir & GroundFang
WaspAir & GroundWasp
PhoenixAir & Ground
Steel BallGround
MustangAir & Ground
Melting PointAir & Ground
OverlordAir & GroundOverlord

Some units only attack ground units, while others can attack ground and air units. Keep this in mind when creating your army composition. 

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