Mechabellum Tier List

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If you’ve hopped into the auto-battler mech game and keep getting trashed every round, our Mechabellum Tier List can help you prioritize what you should upgrade. 

With 16 total units currently in the game, figuring out which ones to research in the game isn’t common sense all the time. Like other games in the genre, unit strength relies more on army synergies and compositions rather than individual unit strength. 

With that said, this tier list is based on an early build of the game and, like all tier lists, is based on the opinion from our gameplay experience and what we’ve heard in the community. 

Mechabellum Tier List

  • S Tier: Fortress, Overlord, Mustang
  • A Tier: Melting Point, Vulkan, Stormcaller, Rhino, Marksman
  • B Tier: Steel Ball, Sledgehammer, Phoenix, Arclight, Crawler, Fang
  • D Tier: Hacker, Wasp

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The Fortress is perhaps the most formidable tank. Typically a late-game unit, Fortresses are able to use a defensive Barrier to block incoming damage. Combine that with the Fang Summoning upgrade, and now the Fortress is able to dish out damage to both air and ground units. 

Troop Tech

  • Doubleshot: Each attack fires 2 shells in succession but increases reload time by 12%.
  • Barrier: Generates a large-scale shield that protects all allies within it. Shield HP increases by 40000 per unit level increased. 
  • Fang Summoning: Produces 12 Fangs to join the combat every 28s.
  • Range Enhancement: Increases attack range by 40. 
Fortress Mechabellum


Overlords are the beefiest aircraft in the game and can attack both Air and Ground units. With its Range Enhancement and Mothership abilities, the Overlord is tanky and can dish out an immense amount of damage to any unit in the game. 

Troop Tech

  • Range Enhancement: Increased attack range by 40
  • Mothership: Produces 4 WASPs to join the combat every 26s.
  • Jump Drive: Increases the Overlord’s movement speed by 5 and allows Overlord to be freely repositioned during the deployment phase of every round. 
  • High Explosive Ammo: Increases splash damage range by 5m, but reduces ATK by 40%.
Overlord Mechabellum


The Mustang is a great bread-and-butter unit for players and can serve as arguably the best early-mid-game option until you get beefier units like the Overlord and Fortress. The Mustang is fragile but capable of attacking both Air & Ground units, but it won’t matter towards the mid-game when the units will be used as fodder. 

Troop Tech

  • Range Enhancement: Increased attack range by 40. 
  • High-Explosive Ammo: Increases splash damage range by 7m, but reduces ATK by 40%.
  • Armor-Piercing Bullets: Increases ATK by 50%.
  • Aerial Specialization: ATK increases by 75% to aerial units, increases range by 25 when attacking aerial units. 
Mustang Mechabellum

And there you have it! That was our full Mechabellum unit tier list. Do you disagree with any of the entries on this list? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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