Anime Adventures Update 9 Patch Notes (January 14)

Devil City is now live in Anime Adventures Update 9, and here's a look at the full patch notes.
Anime Adventures Update 9 Patch Notes

The popular tower-defense Roblox game, Anime Adventures, is now live with update 9. Lots of new content has been introduced, including a new world called Devil City, new game features, more tradeable units, new enemies, events quests, and more. Below is a full list of the Anime Adventure Update 9 patch notes.

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Anime Adventures Update 9 Patch Notes

The Gun Devil has re-emerged, causing the power of devils in Devil City to soar! Take on contracts from Makimo and collect the Gun Devil’s bullets to help protect the city! Along your missions, you may be lucky enough to encounter powerful allies who will join you in battle, or just trade in bullets to collect them instead!

  • New World: Devil City
  • New unique units to collect, upgrade, and evolve
  • New Emotes feature
    • Press X to emote! Gather Trophies by completing milestones and collecting titles! Spend trophies to buy flashy emotes!
    • More emotes and use for trophies coming soon
  • New Titles feature
    • Collect titles to show off your in game achievements! Titles appear above your character and in chats
  • More units have become tradable
  • New Event Quests
  • New enemy types and mechanics
  • Balance changes + bug fixes
  • And much more coming very soon…
  • Ging has been removed from the banner
  • Karakora Town: The Fire dungeon rotated out
  • Ging, Yamomoto, Shingo, and Getan are now tradable
  • Adjusted base HP (scales with level difficulty)
  • New code “CHAINSAW” gives free Gems

The patch notes for Anime Adventure Update 9 were posted on the official Anime Adventures Discord server.

Visit the Anime Adventures Roblox page to jump into the new update and explore the new world.

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