Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event Introduces Hardcore Royale Mode

If you’re not a fan of the high-level armor available in Apex Legends, the new Hardcore Royale game mode may be your cup of tea. 

As part of the Celestial Sunrise Event, Apex Legends will update the game by adding a new mode, Hardocre Royale. In addition to the new game mode, twenty-four new limited-time cosmetics with Legendary skins for Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, and Ash will also be available on the Apex Store from January 24-31, 2023. 

What is Apex Legends Hardocre Royale?

Similar to Trios, Hardcore Royale is a more punishing version of the standard battle royale game mode, only accessible by players with account level 20 or higher. Here are some highlights and differences in the new mode: 

  • White armor only
  • No helmets
  • Limited HUD
  • No armor swapping
  • Ring deals max damage

This follows a popular trend of more titles taking notice of popular and emerging extraction games, like Escape from Tarkov, where the combat mechanics are a bit more punishing. In a game where it may take 2-3 full reloads to finally down an opponent, this is a refreshing update that could make the game feel more rewarding. 

Celestial Sunrise Cosmetic Bundles

There are also special, limited-time skins available to Apex players for the event. These include: 

  • Lion Guard Bundle: January 24-February 7
  • Opalescent Serpent Bundle: January 24-February 7
  • Galatic Guardian Bundle: January 24-27
  • Cybernetic Payload Bundle: January 24-27
  • Void Prowler Bundle: January 24-27
  • Hypnotic Nightmare Bundle: January 24-27
  • Infight Entertainment Emote: January 24-27
  • Silver Age Bundle: January 27-31
  • Protector of the Void Bonus Bundle: January 27-31
  • Plumed Explorer Bundle: January 27-31
  • Guerilla Ghoul Bundle: January 27-31
  • Style and Grace Emote: January 27-31
  • Wise Warrior Bundle: January 31-February 3
  • Worlds Apart Bundle: January 31-February 3
  • Ring Leader Bonus Bundle: January 31-February 3
  • White Lightning Bundle: January 31-February 3
  • Target Practice Emote: January 31-February 3
  • Imperial Defender Bundle: February 3-7
  • Man Made Man Bundle: February 3-7
  • My Wave Bonus Bundle: February 3-7
  • Festive Decor Bundle: February 3-7
  • Nevermore Emote: February 3-7
Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Skins
Image: Respawn/Electronic Arts

Upcoming Mode: Date Night Duos

The last bit of news comes from a new game mode called Date Night Duos, which will release on February 7, 2023. In this mode, players can use healing items, and if you’re close enough to them, they’ll share the love by healing you too. This game mechanic should encourage Duo players, even randomly queued, to use better teamwork. We’ll see if it translates to the full game or how popular it is upon release.

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