Apex Legends Seer Nerfed in Last Update

While most likely a bug, Apex Legends' Seer was super-nerfed in the last patch.

The newest Apex Legends update is upon us, with Season 15 released on November 1, 2022. With the latest season, as always, gamers were treated to a new legend that they can use to help shake up the meta. This season’s character is named Catalyst, and she specializes in using Ferrofluid to make the enemy team struggle to push. In addition to the new hero, there were balance changes, and some players called for a nerf of the hero Seer due to his oppressive nature of tracking down enemies with little to no penalty. Although, he recently received a bug that makes him a little less effective as a recon legend. Here’s what went down with the accidental Apex Legends Seer nerf.

Accidental Nerf to Seer in Apex Legends

As showcased in a video by YouTuber Skeptation, the Legend Seer, who is supposed to be able to scan survey beacons as part of his role as a recon legend, is unable to do so. Every single other recon legend can check survey beacons just fine. However, Seer still receives the prompt but cannot channel the ability.

While this is most likely a bug that will be fixed, it remains frustrating for any players who want to scan survey beacons as Seer. Though not the nerf players were hoping for, it remains to be seen if this will cause Seer’s pick rate to drop in future matches.

We’ll keep an eye on developer Respawn Entertainment to see whether they address this bug sooner rather than later.

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