What are the Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2?

Crosshairs can help you be more accurate when taking shots. Here are the best crosshairs in Overwatch 2.

Crosshairs are a very important part of any first-person shooter game and undoubtedly a big part of combat effectiveness in Overwatch 2. Crosshairs are used to help players aim, and having a good set of Crosshairs can make or break if a player can hit their target or not. In Overwatch 2, there are default Crosshairs for each character and weapon, but players can also change their Crosshairs in the settings. But which one of these options is the best? Here is everything players need to know about the best crosshairs in Overwatch 2.

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Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2

While streamers and other websites may have suggestions, what works for them may not always work for you. This means that players should use whatever crosshair best works for them. However, according to many in the community, the best crosshairs in Overwatch 2 include,

  • The Dot
  • The Box
  • Circle with dot
  • Circular
  • The Classic Crosshair

However, with that said, each Crosshair does have a specific purpose and is ideally suited for certain types of characters and weapons. See below for a more detailed breakdown of each crosshair.

Best Long-Range Crosshairs in Overwatch 2

The best long-range crosshairs in Overwatch 2 focus on pinpoint precision.

The Dot Crosshair

The dot Crosshair is a simple dot that players can use to get a good view of the situation without obscuring too much of their view. You can change the size of this Crosshair to be more effective in locating it during the heat of battle. 

What are the Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2? Dot Crosshair
Dot Crosshair, Overwatch 2

As this is more suited for precise shots, like snipers Ana or Widowmaker, players who want to use these longer-range attacks may find this the best choice.

The Classic Crosshair

You can never go wrong with a classic, and this Crosshair places the standard plus sign in the middle of the player’s screen. This undoubtedly works with every weapon and hero, as landing a shot in the center of the crosshairs will certainly hit. 

Overwatch 2 best classic crosshair
Classic Crosshair, Overwatch 2

However, weapons with more spread may be less effective at longer ranges. Still, this is a great choice and can help players feel familiar with Overwatch 2 if they are coming from other games.

Best Short-Range Crosshairs in Overwatch 2

The best short-range crosshairs in Overwatch 2 show the spread of the close-range weapon to the player.

The Box Crosshair

Much different than the classic circular style of crosshairs, the Box version of the Overwatch 2 Crosshair can be a bit different for players. 

What are the Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2?
Square Crosshair, Overwatch 2

However, when using this, players can get a feel for how their spray pattern works inside the box. Not as effective at longer ranges, this Crosshair is a good setup for players who prefer staying close or mid-range in combat.

The Circle with Dot Crosshair

If you love shotguns, the Circle with Dot is one of the best crosshairs. Most characters with close-range weapons, like Reaper and Roadhog, will have these by default. 

What are the Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2?
Circle with Dot Crosshair, Overwatch 2

With that said, players can still use these for any hero they want by choosing from them in the settings. However, it is less effective at longer ranges. This is because the outer circle will miss targets by a large margin at different ranges.

The Circle Crosshair

Another set of Crosshairs that are good for close range, the Circle crosshair simply places a circle in the center of the player’s screen. For weapons with more spread or for players who are just seeking to learn to track targets better, this may be a good choice for them to use in combat. Players can change the size of their crosshairs to make it better at longer ranges.

Circle with Dot Crosshair, Overwatch 2

And that’s it for our Overwatch 2 Crosshair guide. Which crosshair do you use in battle? Let us know in the comments below! Overwatch 2 is now free-to-play.

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