Big Ambitions: How to Play Music in Your Store

Here's how to play music in your store and where to buy a speaker in Big Ambitions.

Are your customers complaining that there’s no music playing in your store? Whether you run a gift shop or a business in a totally different industry, keeping your customers satisfied should be your top priority. Here’s how to play music in your stores in Big Ambitions.

How to Play Music in Your Store in Big Ambitions

To play music in your stores, you will need to purchase a speaker and place it somewhere in your store. A speaker can be purchased from one of the various furniture stores throughout the city, such as Ika Bohag.

Where to Buy a Speaker in Big Ambitions

To buy a speaker, pull up Voogle Maps and filter by Furniture Stores. You can find ka Bohag, the game’s spinoff of Ikea, on 50 4th Street. Head over to the location in your car, and walk inside. You’ll find the JayBeeel Loudspeaker 3 for $80 sitting atop one of the office desks in the mock bedroom setups. 

Click on the speaker to carry it or add it to your Flatbed, and then purchase it at the checkout counter. Head back to the shop and place the loudspeaker anywhere in the shop to start playing music for your customers. The loudspeaker automatically plays music in a certain radius, and you can place it anywhere, even on the floor.

If you’re particular about the interior design of your store, you may want to purchase a small table or something for the speaker, so it doesn’t sit on the floor and look out of place. However, it doesn’t look like the customers really care too much about that small detail.

That’s how to play music in your store in Big Ambitions! Hopefully, this guide helps you out if you’re looking to max out your customer satisfaction. 

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