Big Ambitions: How to Clean the Floors

Here's how to clean the floors of your business in Big Ambitions.

As more people enter your businesses and walk around, the floors are bound to get dirty after a while. As a small business owner, you’ll probably need to start off by cleaning the floors yourself, but how do you do it? Here’s everything you need to know about how to clean the floors in Big Ambitions.

How to Clean the Floors in Big Ambitions

To clean the floors in Big Ambitions, you need to have a Cleaning Station placed inside your business. You can start cleaning by clicking on the Cleaning Station to get a mop and then left-clicking on a dirty area to mop it. When you have the mop in your hand, you’ll see a cleanliness meter on the bottom of your screen. The goal is to get it to 100% by mopping up all the dirty areas — which are visibly dirty if you zoom in closely.

If you’re unsure where to get a Cleaning Station, you can visit any appliance store, such as Square Appliances on 16 4th Avenue near your starting location. Open up your map and toggle the Appliance Store filter to see which other locations are around you. 

Big Ambitions Map

The good news is you don’t have to clean your stores yourself — that’s what employees are for! You can visit the Recruitment Agency to put out a listing who specializes in cleaning. If your candidate’s cleaning skill is too low, you can open the Employees tab and train them to increase their cleaning skills.

Once you have a business with a Cleaning Station and an employee who specializes in cleaning, you can open up your business schedule and assign your employee to work the Cleaning Station. After some testing, it looks like you really only need to have them work for about an hour a day (part-time) to ensure your store is clean, but this will obviously depend on how large your business is and how many people frequent your establishments.

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