Big Ambitions: How to Repair Your Car

Here's how to repair your vehicle and tow your car to a repair shop in Big Ambitions.

It turns out your car can break down in Big Ambitions if you crash into one too many vehicles, walls, or anything, really. The small gear icon on the top-right corner of your vehicle control window indicates your vehicle’s health. When that starts approaching zero, it’s time to consider getting some repairs. Here’s how to repair your car in Big Ambitions.

How to Repair Your Vehicle in Big Ambitions

To repair your vehicle in Big Ambitions, head to any gas station and drive into the car garage. You should see a button pop up that says “Repair,” along with the cost to repair your vehicle. You can easily find a gas station by pulling up Voogle Maps and filtering by Gas Station — make sure to look around the map if you don’t see any immediately. That’s the basic process for repairing your vehicle.

However, there may come a time when you completely break down in the middle of town.

If your car breaks down in Big Ambitions, you’ll need to stay in your car, open your Bigzone 1.0, and call NY AutoTow Service. The number should be stored in your phone’s list of contacts by default. Press the Call button, and you’ll see two options. Pick the option that says you need a tow to the closest auto repair shop. 

How to Repair Your Vehicle in Big Ambitions

It won’t be cheap to get a tow to the auto repair shop, but it’s your only option if your car breaks down. So, on top of the $500 towing fee, you’ll also need to drop a bunch of cash on the repair, which will probably be over $1,000 if your car completely breaks down.

So, there you have it; that’s how to repair your car and get towed to the nearest auto repair shop in Big Ambitions. 

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