Big Ambitions: Where to Buy a Pallet Shelf

Here's where to buy a Pallet Shelf in Big Ambitions, so you can start importing some goods for your stores.

Running a business is not easy, as you’ll learn in the business sim Big Ambitions. As you grow your businesses, you’ll want to start saving on supplies, which can be done by importing goods from around the world at the lowest possible price. But to do that, you’ll need a warehouse filled with Pallet Shelves. Here’s where to get a Pallet Shelf in Big Ambitions.

Where to Buy a Pallet Shelf in Big Ambitions

The Pallet Shelf is an item sold at Appliance Stores throughout the city in Big Ambitions. You can open Voogle Maps and filter by Appliance Stores to find nearby locations. A good place to purchase your first Pallet Shelf is AJ Pederson & Son, and you can pick one up for $3,000.

If you’re doing this for the quest from Uncle Fred, you’ll also want to make sure you pick up a Storage Shelf. You can purchase the Storage Shelf from the same location for a little over $1,000.

After buying the Pallet Shelf, you’ll want to visit your new warehouse and place it anywhere. Having the Pallet Shelf will put you well on your way to scheduling deliveries to your warehouses, so you can save on buying items in bulk for your businesses, assuming you have already hired a Purchasing Agent.

To set up an import partnership, visit one of the import facilities like JetCargo Imports, and then meet with the Import Manager. Click on New Partnership and then assign your purchasing agent, and hit Accept. You can manage all the details through the Purchasing Agents screen of your headquarters in BizMan.

Remember, each order has a MOQ, or minimum order quantity, or in this case, a minimum dollar amount you’ll need to place to finalize the order and get the delivery. The items you order will deliver to the designated warehouse and are stored on the Pallet Shelf you bought earlier.

So, there you go; that’s where to buy a Pallet Shelf in Big Ambitions and some basic information about what it’s used for in the game. As always, visit our Big Ambitions section for more guides, updates, and news on the game.