How to Become a Famous DJ in BitLife

Here's how to become a famous DJ in BitLife and collect the Disk Jockey career.

Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to DJ for millions of people around the world, like David Guetta and Calvin Harris? In the life simulation game known as BitLife, this is not such a farfetched fantasy. You can make it a (virtual) reality with a bit of hard work. Here’s how to become a famous DJ in BitLife.

How to Become a Famous DJ in BitLife

To become a famous DJ in BitLife, you’ll need to graduate from high school and apply for the Disk Jockey job. Set your working hours to 50 hours per week, and select the Work Harder option. Do this every year, and you will become a famous DJ.

Here are the steps to becoming a famous DJ in BitLife:

  1. Start a new life in or continue an existing one in BitLife.
  2. Age up and graduate from high school.
  3. Tap the Occupation tab and go to Jobs.
  4. Find and apply for the Disk Jockey (Record Label) job.
  5. Set your hours to 50 hours per week.
  6. Select the Work Harder option in the Job section every year.
  7. Age up until you become a famous DJ.
How to Become a Famous DJ in BitLife

Once you become famous, make sure to create social media accounts by going into the Assets tab. Social media accounts will help you snowball your fame and max out your fame meters as high as possible.

Go into your Activities tab to manage your fame. You can write a book, do a TV commercial, pose for a magazine, and go on a talk show. It all depends on your fame level. Sometimes you might need to be more famous to go on a talk show, for example.

Disk Jockeys in BitLife don’t make a very high salary, so don’t expect anything in the millions. A majority of your money will come from endorsement deals. Doing a photoshoot, for example, can earn you millions of dollars and skyrocket your fame.

Work as a Disk Jockey for 20 consecutive years to collect the Career!

That’s everything you need to know about how to be a famous DJ in BitLife. You can use this guide to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge, as well as a few other BitLife Challenges, especially if you’re going for Superstar Mode!