Contraband Police: Contraband Interception Cemetery Quest Guide

One of the many quests in Contraband Police is called Contraband Interception and requires players to find contraband inside a graveyard. If the quest confused you, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’ve been struggling to find the contraband in the quest, Contraband Interception at the Cemetary, you’re not alone. Players must dig in the proper locations with a Shovel to uncover the illicit goods.

Contraband Interception Cemetary Quest Guide

To complete the quest, players must drive to the Graveyard within 5 minutes — which will be marked in the game with an exclamation mark. Once there, dispatch the enemies that spawn, then use a Shovel to dig up the brown mounds found scattered throughout the Graveyard. Some mounds will contain chests, which you can uncover and then interact with to collect the contraband. 

Other graves in the Cemetary will have stone slabs over them, and you won’t be able to dig them up. Make sure to bring two shovels or one higher quality Spade, so your tools have enough durability to finish the quest. 

Once you’ve finished digging up all the graves and dispatching all the enemies in the Cemetary, you’ll need to drive back to the Border Post. Keep your head on a swivel, though, because you can still get ambushed. Keep in mind each time you dig in a grave; more enemies will spawn. 

Here’s our video walkthrough for the Contraband Interception quest:

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