Contraband Police: How to Fix Empty Passport Bug

Contraband Police just released, and it’s not without a few bugs. Here’s how to fix the empty passport bug. 

In Contraband Police, players must be able to view visitors’ passports to see whether their information aligns with what’s on file. However — since the game just launched on March 8, there may be a bug or two. Luckily, we have a quick fix you can use. 

How to Fix the Empty Passport Bug in Contraband Police

The empty passport bug occurs when you take someone’s Documents and then switch to your Duty Folder, and the visitor Passport is no longer visible. To fix the empty passport bug, walk back up to the visitor and select the option “Inspection is finished. That’s all,” then hit ESC and re-open your Duty Folder with the Tab key. This should make the visitor’s passport appear so that you can do proper Document checks. 

We caught this bug quite a few times while initially playing, so this quick solution will help you quickly resolve it so you can get back to busting smugglers and arresting criminals. 

There may be a time when the developers, Crazy Rocks, patch this bug, and it’s no longer an issue.

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