Contraband Police: How to Repair Your Truck

Did you crash your truck in Contraband Police and want it fixed? Luckily — doing so is pretty easy. Here’s how to repair your truck in the game. 

If you’re driving around in Contraband Police, there’s a good chance you may end up crashing into something. If your truck is totally beaten up, this guide will walk you through fixing it. 

How to Repair Your Truck in Contraband Police

Your truck can take damage as you drive it around Karikatka. To repair your truck in the game, walk up to the officer in the yellow vest next to the garage and select the Repair option. It will cost you some money to fix, which depends on how damaged it is. Constable Repnin will then automatically repair your vehicle.

Cars and Trucks in Contraband Police can have their doors torn off, windshields and windows cracked, and sustain damage where you crash. This is surprisingly detailed, considering the game is developed by a smaller indie team.  

Later on, players will gain access to better vehicles that can also be repaired in the same way. 

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