Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder Walkthrough

In Chapter 3 of Contraband Police, you’ll eventually have to solve a Mysterious Murder at the Drunken Bear Inn. Doing so may be confusing, but this guide will walk you through it. 

You thought you were just a border agent, but as it turns out, Contraband Police wants to make you a detective. In Chapter III of the game, you’ll encounter a quest to solve a murder involving investigating a crime scene and interrogating witnesses. If you’re stuck, here’s our Mysterious Murder walkthrough for Contraband Police. 

Mysterious Murder Walkthrough in Contraband Police

The Mysterious Murder quest is a multi-task quest with several parts players must complete to continue through the story. First, they must accept the mission and drive to the crime’s location, the Drunken Bear Inn. Then, they’ll need to interrogate suspects, search the body, and find the murder weapon before accusing the criminal that committed the crime. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide.

Mysterious Murder Quest Location

Players will first receive an Incoming Call. Head to your station and answer the phone. The dispatcher will tell you about a murder at the Drunken Bear Inn. Hop into your vehicle and make your way to the Seargent, marked in the game with an exclamation mark. You’ll have five minutes to make it there, and we were able to get there in under two. 

Seargent Bykov Contraband Police

Speak to Sergeant Bykov to get an understanding of the situation. He’ll explain a bar patron, Oleg Bogdanov, was murdered the night previously, and the suspects of the crime are gathered in the dining area. From here, players will have three tasks they must complete to move on. These tasks include:

  • Interrogate the suspects
  • Search the body
  • Find the murder weapon

Interrogating Suspects

The first task is simple. Walk into the dining area and speak to each of the guests. The Cleaner will be in the back, through the door on the left. Each suspect will explain what happened the night before. Once you’ve finished speaking to everyone, you can exit the area. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Interrogating Suspects

Searching the Body and Finding the Murder Weapon

The body of Oleg is located in the backyard of the Inn. When you get there, speak to Constable Zaharov, then interact with the corpse on the ground to retrieve the Watch, which is actually just a red herring. Hit F on your keyboard twice to initiate your UV flashlight, and look at the ground to view the bloody footsteps. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Searching the Body

If you continue following the footsteps, it will eventually lead you to the murder weapon, a bloody Kitchen Knife. Once you retrieve the murder weapon, speak to Sergeant Bykov again to initiate the next part of the quest. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Weapon

If this portion of the quest is bugged for you, speak to the Seargent and select the option to “Let’s release Petroski and the bartender – they are innocent” to force the next part of the mission. 

Locate the Venue in the Garden Area

Sergeant Bykov will ask you to Locate the venue in the garden area, which is located in the front of the Inn. Sprint into the stone area, then quickly sprint out of it to complete this part of the quest. The killer will shoot you if you linger too long in this area. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Locating the Venue

You can now interrogate each of the suspects again to get additional information about the murder. Once you speak to all patrons, go back to the Sergeant, and he will provide you with access to the Storage room. Once you get it, make your way back into the kitchen and walk to the back to gain access to the Storage room. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Kitchen

Interact with the note on the ground to read it. It talks about a conspiracy to assassinate Oleg, signed by Timur.

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Note

Accusing Timur and Finishing the Mission

Finally, go to Timur Korchenko in the dining area and speak to him again. Once there, he will lament how the government is unfair to the people, and the player must choose to Arrest him or Cover Up his crimes. This choice will depend on whether the player wants to side with the government or with the people throughout their playthrough. 

Contraband Police: Mysterious Murder - Timur Korchenko

If you are still having trouble, watch the video below.

Ultimately, Mysterious Murder is a pretty tough and confusing mission at times. I wasn’t quite sure whether the mission was actually bugged or if I was just doing it wrong. However — following these exact steps enabled me to complete the quest in a decent amount of time. 

Also, if you’re wondering, I chose to Arrest Timur — as murder, regardless of why, is not very cool. 

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