Dark and Darker: Spells Guide

If you want to become a powerful Wizard or Cleric in Dark and Darker, you must learn to use your spells correctly.

If you love the dungeon-crawling action in Dark and Darker but want to be a powerful Wizard or Cleric, you’ll need to learn how to use your spell abilities. The recent update to Dark and Darker switched the way spells are done, so it’s important that you know the basics before loading into a raid. Keep reading for our full spells guide.


How to Use Spells in Dark and Darker

Players must equip the spells they want to use under the Class menu on the main screen. While in a raid, use the E or Q key to bring up the spell menu wheel and mouse over the spell you want to select. Then, right-click to charge the spell and release the button to use it.

Selecting Spell

Spells will have a number of charges dictated by the number in the bottom right of the spell icon. This means you’ll only be able to use that spell that number of times. So, for example, the high-damage Wizard spell Chain Lightning is a powerful spell, but only has 4 charges. 

How to Equip Spells in Dark and Darker

Magic spells and skills can be accessed in Dark and Darker by clicking Class, then Spell on the main menu. To use spells in a raid, you’ll need the skill Spell Memory equipped under Perk & Skill. The spells you choose will fill up points in your Cost Limit bar, so you can’t just choose the most powerful spells. 

Players can now equip Spell Memory to E, Q, or both slots for double the number of spells. The slot you choose in your Perk & Skills screen will dictate which key brings up your spell wheel in the game. 

Understanding Spell Memory Priority and Cost Limit 

In the raid, you may come across items that boost your Knowledge, enabling you to have more spells at your disposal. For that reason, players should fill up all of their skills in their Spell slots. 

If you find an item that increases your Knowledge, you’ll unlock the additional spells that were over your cost limit. This means that even if you initially can’t use the spell in battle, you may unlock it by finding the right items in the raid. 

Spells will be unlocked in raid via the order you inserted them into your spell slots. Spells that are a higher tier are more powerful and have a higher cost to use–so keep this in mind when selecting your spells. 

Wizard Spells List

Here are all the Wizard spells in Dark and Darker:

Spell NameDescriptionTierCostClass
ZapIf hit, deals magic damage and burns target for 1s.Tier 11Wizard
Light OrbBlows up spheres of light to illuminate the surroundings.Tier 11Wizard
IgniteSet the target’s weapon on fire, dealing 5 mag dmg when hit.Tier 11Wizard
SlowSlows the target’s movement speed by -40% for 2.5s.Tier 22Wizard
Ice BoltOn hit, reduces target movement speed by -15% for 1s.Tier 22Wizard
Magic MissleFires up to 10 homing missiles, stops firing when you move.Tier 33Wizard
HasteTarget gains 14% action and move speed for 12 seconds.Tier 33Wizard
Lightning StrikeAfter 4 seconds, a bolt of lightning hits the area, dealing magic damage.Tier 44Wizard
InvisibilityTarget gains invisibility and 10% increased movement speed for 4 seconds.Tier 44Wizard
FireballShoots a fireball that causes 30 direct and 20 splash damage to a target.Tier 44Wizard
Chain LightningShoots bolt that transfers up to 3 times in a 400-meter radius. Transfers to self it there is no one nearby.Tier 56Wizard

Cleric Spells List

See below for all the Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker:

Spell NameDescriptionTierCostClass
ProtectionCreates a shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds.Tier 11Cleric
BlessTargets gains +3 strength, agility, and will for 30 seconds.Tier 11Cleric
Lesser HealHeals a target for 15 health.Tier 22Cleric
Divine StrikeIncreases weapon damage by 10 for 20 seconds.Tier 22Cleric
CleanseRemoves all harmful magic effects.Tier 22Cleric
BindBinds the target for .75 seconds.Tier 33Cleric
Holy LightHeals an ally for 30 HP or does 100 base magaical damage to an undead target.Tier 55Cleric
ResurrectionTarget an ally to resurrect them from the dead. (Corpse must have soul heart.)Tier 88Cleric

Hopefully, this spell guide helped you in your Dark and Darker journey. 

Are you a spellcaster? What’s your favorite build? Let us know in the comments section below.

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