Darkest Dungeon 2 Sells Half a Million Copies Since Launch

The dungeon-crawling roguelike game Darkest Dungeon 2, which was just fully released, has been able to capture nearly half a million players since its early access launch. 

We gave Darkest Dungeon 2 a positive score when we reviewed it, and it looks like the community agrees as it recently hit a monumental achomplishment with 500K copies sold. 

According to the Darkest Dungeon Twitter: 

Thank you for making Darkest Dungeon II’s 1st week of 1.0 an incredible journey! We’re proud to welcome over 230k new players so far, which brings us to over 500k copies sold, including early access. We have a lot planned for the future-thanks for joining us on this expedition!

This means that the official 1.0 launch of the game, which occurred on May 8, 2023, resulted in almost a quarter-million sales in just one week, compared to the 270,000 copies sold during the duration of the game’s Early Access period, which was released back in 2021.

This shows that gamers are willing to wait for an acclaimed, highly-polished title upon the 1.0 release, even when the hype for the game may have died down due to the Early Access version. 

Only time will tell how many more copies of the game will be sold as word-of-mouth hits the gaming community. It’s only a week out from the official launch, and if it can maintain this level of success, the sky is the limit. 

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