Darkest Dungeon 2: The Occultist Build

In Darkest Dungeon 2, The Occultist is a magical damage dealer that relies on various skills to deal massive damage on the battlefield. 

The Occultist is an unlockable hero players can get in Darkest Dungeon 2. With many damage-dealing spells, the Hero is great for dishing out consistent damage to enemy mobs. The Occultist will sit in the back lines as they dish out damage or healing via spells. Here’s the best build for The Occultist in Darkest Dungeon 2. 

Darkest Dungeon 2: The Occultist Build

The ideal setup includes the following:

  • Combat Slot: 4
  • Path: Warlock
  • Skills: Abyssal Artillery, Vulnerability Hex, Daemons Pull, The Burning Stars, Chaotic Offering
  • Trinkets: Seeing Sphere, Scalded Skull, Shambler’s Eye, Sharpness Charm

The Warlock Path sacrifices The Occultist’s health at the expense of extra damage and a chance to get an Unchecked Power Token. This Token is necessary to unleash The Burning Stars ability, which will serve as your major damage dealer. Use Chaotic Offering to build up tokens and Vulnerability Hex and Daemons Pull to debuff enemies and clear corpses. 

Along with Abyssal Artillery, which doesn’t require Unchecked Power but can do pretty decent damage as a base AoE ability, The Occultist is a pretty decent backline DPS Hero. Ultimately pocketing The Occultist in slot 4 will give you pretty steady damage but should be coupled by a healer since you won’t be using Wyrd Reconstruction with this build. 

How to Play The Occultist 

Keep The Occultist in the back lines and use Chaotic Offering to build up your Unchecked Power Tokens. If you need to do damage, Abyssal Artillery does a good job and also provides a chance to gain a Combo Token.

Once you get 2 Unchecked Power Tokens, unleash The Burning Stars for massive single-target damage that ignores Shield. If you play your cards right, The Occultist can be a clutch Hero that takes down tough enemies, even into the late game. 

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