Darkest Dungeon 2: The Grave Robber Build

In Darkest Dungeon 2, The Grave Robber is a reliable starting hero that applies damage over time and is great at ranged attacks. 

The Grave Robber is a great back or mid-line support and damage dealer. The hero is capable of healing herself in battle, taking healing duties off of your main healer so they can focus the frontline tank. Here is the best build for The Grave Robber. 

Darkest Dungeon 2: The Grave Robber Build

The Grave Robber performs best in slots 2-4, depending on your team composition, and uses Blight damage to destroy enemy foes. The ideal setup includes the following:

  • Combat Slot: 2-4
  • Path: Deadeye
  • Skills: Poison Darts, Abthense, Dead of Night, Repartee, Shadowfade
  • Trinkets: Foreclosure Notice, His Rings, Stiff Drink, Sharpness Charm, Gilded Mind

The best Path for The Grave Robber is Deadeye, as it increases DMG and CRIT of ranged spells at the expense of melee. Dead of Night is a great move that can make The Grave Robber less healer dependent by providing a 33% heal when under 25% HP.

Darkest Dungeon 2: The Grave Robber Build

While Shadowfade is a melee move, it will help reposition The Grave Robber if she gets knocked out of position. Utilize her Poison Darts as the main way to apply Blight damage to foes and Repartee to add Dodge tokens when stealthed.

How to Play The Grave Robber

Use the Grave Robber to dish out sustained Blight damage while using her buffs and heals to keep her alive. Poison Darts are a great AoE and Blight DoT, so you can use them to inflict damage to two back units at a time earlier on in the battle. 

Though The Grave Robber isn’t the highest-tier starting character, she is still good for doing consistent damage over time at range. If you like using Blight attacks, you may want to consider adding her to your permanent roster.

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