Darkest Dungeon 2: The Flagellant Builds

If you want to make The Flagellant a permanent Hero in your main roster, you’ll need to know how to play him. 

Unlike other pure DPS characters in the challenging roguelike, Darkest Dungeon 2, The Flagellant is a hybrid character that can also serve as a support healer. Described in-game as having “An undying appetite for pain and punishment,” the hero sustains damage in return for powerful heals and Blight damage. See below for the best builds for The Flagellant. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 The Flagellant Builds

The Flagellant is a powerful hybrid Hero capable of dishing out damage and healing. The two best builds for The Flagellant include: 

We’ll review each of the builds below — their strengths, weaknesses, and how to play them properly. 

Support Maniac Flagellant Build

The Support Flagellant Build relies on the Maniac Path, sacrificing Blight damage for debuffs and heals. The ideal setup includes the following: 

  • Combat Slot: 2
  • Path: Maniac
  • Skills: Punish, Lash’s Gift, Sepsis, Undying, Deathless
  • Trinkets: His Prison, Misstep, Self Motivation

The crux of this build is to use Lash’s Gift to remove negative Token debuffs from your party, then use Sepsis the next turn to transfer the Negative Tokens to the enemy team. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 The Flagellant Builds

Punish will be used as your primary attack move, while Undying and Deathless will help support and heal the rest of your team. 

As the title of the build suggests, this Flagellant build is predominantly concentrated on support and healing, so make sure that you have other powerful damage dealers in your party so you can down enemy mobs. 

DPS Exanimate Flagellant Build

The DPS Exanimate build for The Flagellant relies on his Blight abilities and low health that buffs his abilities and damage output. The ideal setup for The Flagellant includes: 

  • Combat Slot: 2
  • Path: Exanimate
  • Skills: Punish, Acid Rain, Sepsis, More MORE!, Necrosis
  • Trinkets: His Prison, Emancipation, Searing Scripture, Kitchen Knives, Poison Ring

If you’d rather use The Flagellant as a support healer, replace the More MORE! skill with Deathless to provide your squad with one of the best heals in the game.

Build up enemy Blight with Punish and Acid Rain. Use Necrosis to start healing back up. These three abilities will improve the survivability of the Flagellant. 

Flagellant Punish Skill

Once you’ve done them, you can now use More MORE! to apply the Pain token to the character for a 15% heal at the end of the next turn. 

Once a decent amount of Blight has built up on enemy characters, use Sepsis to deliver the killing blow and to significantly heal The Flagellant back to full health. 

How to Play The Flagellant

In the end, The Flagellant is a nice hybrid character that gives the player a high level of flexibility in gameplay style. Because of the self-damage that occurs, it’s important that regardless of your build, you’re dishing out an even share of healing and damage. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 has less punishing character death mechanics than the first entry in the game, so it makes The Flagellant a good character to help round out your roster. 

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