Darkest Dungeon 2: The Plague Doctor Builds

The Plague Doctor is a great back-of-the-line healer in Darkest Dungeon 2

With Blight damage and great healing abilities, the Plague Doctor is one of the best and most-used Heroes in Darkest Dungeon 2. Even though she’s one of the first characters players can get in the default 4, she’s a viable Hero into the late game. Here are the best builds for The Plague Doctor. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 The Plague Doctor Builds

The Plague Doctor is one of the better healers in the game but can be used as a support heals with DPS capabilities with her Blight skills. The two best builds for The Plague Doctor include:

Healing Plague Doctor Build

The Healing Plague Doctor build is probably how most players will use them, making it the most effective build. The ideal setup includes the following:

  • Combat Slot: 4
  • Path: Surgeon
  • Skills: Noxious Blast, Battlefield Medicine, Ounce of Prevention, Plague Grenade, Indiscriminate Science
  • Trinkets: Annotated Textbook, Storage Room Key, Protectorate, Pulsing Heart

Noxious Blast and Plague Grenade can be used as your primary Blight damage moves. Battlefield Medicine can be used as your primary healing ability, but you only have three charges, takes a couple of turns on cooldown, and requires 33% or lower health. Use Indiscriminate Science in conjunction with another Hero to provide heals when your party has high health. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 The Plague Doctor Builds

Having Medicinal Herbs equipped along with an Annotated Textbook will increase your healing abilities by 50% and is a great combination to have.

DPS Plague Doctor Build

While not the most used or effective way to play The Plague Doctor, you can try to play them as a more DPS backline-oriented character with support heals. The ideal setup includes the following:

  • Combat Slot: 3 
  • Path: Alchemist
  • Skills: Noxious Blast, Incision, Plague Grenade, Emboldening Vapors, Indiscriminate Science
  • Trinkets: Annotated Textbook, Early Experiment, Heartseeker, Sharpness Charm, Curing Cuppa

Incision can be used to apply Bleed, Emboldening Vapors can be used to buff allied attacks, and Indiscriminate Science can serve as the support heal. 

Noxious Blast The Plague Doctor

This build is rather squishy still and won’t do the damage that other Heroes can do in the late game, so we highly suggest using the Healing build unless you want to give yourself a challenge. 

How to Play The Plague Doctor

Like mentioned earlier in the guide, The Plague Doctor is really best used as a backline support and healer. Capable of removing debuffs and with more than one healing option, The Plague Doctor is a viable back-row support that you can use even late into the game. 

If your team lacks Healing, consider adding The Plague Doctor to your starting lineup. 

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