Dave the Diver 1.0 Release Adds 4 New Chapters

Chapters 4-7 have been added with the official 1.0 release of Dave the Diver.

The Dave the Diver 1.0 full release was announced earlier in the month and is now available to everyone via a recent Steam blog post from the game’s developers. This marks the title’s official exit from Early Access on Steam, and its start into a full-fledged release. In addition to chapters 4-7 now being unlocked for players to conquer, there were also a host of other changes, which we’ve listed below. 

Dave the Diver 1.0 Update Changes

According to the Steam blog post commemorating the launch of the full game, the following changes have been made to Dave the Diver:

  • Added the remaining chapters of the game. (Chapters 4-7)
  • Completion of Dave’s story with the Sea People
  • Glacial Area and other areas added
  • Added a variety of new fish species to new and existing regions.
  • Added Fishmon – mutated fish content
  • New story and event bosses
  • Restaurant, Workshop, Seed Shop and more available in the Sea People Village
  • New farm content, including field crops, poultry farms, and more.
  • New story mini-games
  • Variety of new Photo Spots
  • Mobile Game : GYAO!
  • Ice Gun
  • New Upgraded Weapons
  • Dive Knife Upgrade
  • Variety of new melee weapons
  • VIP Cooking Competitions
  • Cocktails
  • New Functions
  • Fish Tracker
  • Beluga Taxi
  • Salvage Drone has been added, allowing you to haul large fish and obtain 3-star fish.
  • The existing weapon drops when acquiring a new one, instead of disappearing.
  • Boat Reskin System
  • Balance changes to Weapons/iDiver Items
  • Balance changes to sushi restaurant operations, staff, food, and more
  • Changed the button action for removing stakes from button mashing to a timed action.
  • Bosses can drop ingredients for new dishes.
  • Fixed various bugs from the Early Access version.
  • French and Portuguese languages added.

Players can also scoop up the Supporter Pack for special boat skins, a digital artbook, and the Dave the Diver soundtrack. 

To read the official announcement, visit the Steam post announcing the full release. 

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