Where to Find Clione in Dave the Diver

Here's where you can find Clione in Dave the Diver.

What exactly is a Clione? Well, it’s a floating sea slug, according to Wikipedia. While it’s not something I was familiar with, this is a type of sea creature you’ll need to collect in Dave the Diver for a specific quest. If you’re wondering where to find these strange creatures, we’ve got a guide to help you.

Where to Find Clione in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, Clione are found swimming around the waters in the Blue Hole at around 150 meters deep. To actually catch them, you’ll need to have completed the quest to get the Bug Net. Once you have the Bug Net, which you probably already do if you’re reading this, you can swim up to a Clione and press the spacebar on your keyboard to snag it.

Dave the Diver Clione

The next part of this guide contains some spoilers, so if you were just here to learn about where to find Clione, turn back now. Otherwise, continue reading to see how these Clione creatures play into the story.

Players need to collect five Clione for a specific quest toward the end of the game. After collecting the fifth one, you’re in for a surprise — a gigantic Clione Queen will swallow you whole and take you to a new area, which initiates a boss fight. 

It’s not exactly the most difficult boss fight, but as far as Dave the Diver boss fights are concerned, it’s one of the tougher challenges. The creature has poison projectiles it launches at you, and it also eats you if you’re too close, and you’ll need to left-click spam to get out of it. As always, there’s some extra oxygen, a gun crate, and some ammo down there in case you need to refill. 

Clione Queen Dave the Diver

After successfully defeating Clione Queen, it will drop a photo of Maki. When you surface and visit Bancho Sushi, Maki will thank you for getting the Clione, and you’ll learn about Maki’s Father. Maki, the aspiring chef, will then join your staff! So, that’s how to unlock Maki in Dave the Diver. She’s an excellent cook but lacks in all other stats.

Maki Dave the Diver